Our team noticed that during each week’s Twitter #SEMrushChat, our participants offer a lot of valuable tips and insights. We thought we should share them with our blogging community, so each week, you can gain some great advice from marketers like yourself.

This week's SEMrushchat was about different aspects of social media that can help you grow your business. Below you can see the questions asked a compilation of fantastic answers for each. 

What are some wrong ways to use social media to “grow” one's business?

[profile-mini name="Itamar Blauer"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/c7/7b/c77bec5593730acf960433f528c41d74/r6otjown-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/ItamarBlauer/status/1131216100727898117" text="Randomly commenting on people's posts to check out your content. This one is super annoying and it makes me want to avoid your business, rather than invest time in it."]

[profile-mini name="D2 Creative"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/9f/8b/9f8b4e4819caa78f8497da4c62a640b2/290tovqn-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/D2_Creative/status/1131216107342163968" color="violet" text="You don't want to be that company that is spamming its followers every day. It's important to be seen but not overwhelm."]

[profile-mini name="Melissa Fach"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/89/d5/89d58fc1b4985fb81893209d9803c2f8/-dcedwop-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/SEOAware/status/1131216427556507649" text="Tagging a lot of people you don't know to get them to notice your brand or your latest blog article/research. Using a tragedy to promote your product. Hashtag jacking without learning what the hashtag is about."]

[profile-mini name="Simon Cox"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/78/de/78def666938c431026573ab1a4bd6285/lswgl6sy-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/simoncox/status/1131218130527772672" text="If you feed is just reposting, retweeting other peoples tweets then you might as well be a bot (thinking of all the retweeters that #SEMrushChat gets - I block them!) - engage your audience. That takes time and effort and is appreciated." color="violet"]

Q2. Among all forms of content, video content has become increasingly popular to grow one’s business. What are some ways you have leveraged video content to grow your business?

[profile-mini name="Mark Gustafson"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/81/a9/81a95f4c7e254921cbf671af2d352430/vns3xiqd-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/markpgus/status/1131219487045214208" text="Video is the easiest form of content to consume and the least intimidating. I would hate for someone to sell me on the street but I can express interest by watching. Building audiences to advertise to from this ‘qualification’ is a huge way to leverage video!" ]

[profile-mini name="Matt Shanley"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/bc/8d/bc8d171d57d2ddc51bd2cf3d9a212f6e/6uueokro-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/MattShanley/status/1131218923284774912" text="Video is a huge part of our content strategy and our production team has become increasingly conscious of our need to promote video with video. We make sure for every piece we create, we create a coinciding shorter, promotional piece that we can upload to social." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Simon Cox"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/78/de/78def666938c431026573ab1a4bd6285/lswgl6sy-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/simoncox/status/1131219541353222144" text="Training aids for clients where we have built websites with customised content management systems for them - really useful to have a video showing them exactly what to do and saves a lot of phone calls!" ]

[profile-mini name="Alexis Huddart"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/bb/c5/bbc5d68f11af85469093b3682b1e1bbb/ntvmr46s-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/Flexoid/status/1131219593949786113" text="We've used video for clients to answers some of the introduction questions asked, FAQ's, etc. Got the staff to do the presenting so it is the same person the client deals with from social media." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Ashley G. Schweigert"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/1b/b4/1bb4e25f8281781a044a5b63d29f20bb/q-znoszd-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/A_Schweigert/status/1131220104430141441" text="I will put this out there. I have seen MANY brands create video for the purpose of just creating video. There needs to be a plan for outreach and the goal for creation - where is it living and how will it be used? Does it reach the company's business objectives?" ]

[profile-mini name="Bentley University"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/e7/0e/e70e23b97b43310b4c7ccb9cc60d8ec7/bentley-university.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/bentleyu/status/1131219298716770304" text="We use video to highlight our students, our faculty,our staff, our alumni, our purpose, our story, our accomplishments, our research, our culture, and our vision. We use video to help tell the story of who we are and what we have to offer! " color="violet"]

What’s your take on the importance of influencer marketing to grow one’s business? Why?

[profile-mini name="Nate"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/62/60/6260ebbb5e757d2fe3027acc3d72ea5b/z9eptxk6-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/UncensoredNate/status/1131222075459428352" text="This really interests me bc it used to be celebrities with millions of followers but now I have friends who have maybe 10k and they're influencers for smaller, local or regional brands. It's becoming more important, almost like a golden testimonial." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Stevie Howard"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/89/44/89448e690ce7c36bbe6b6d1e31f8e3ac/uqmofh-q-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/MyMktingSense/status/1131221863311585281" text="I think you have to be careful in how you do it and who you pick. Influencers aren't for everyone, but used correctly they can be successful and help at least get your product/service in front of the right audience." ]

[profile-mini name="Matt Shanley"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/bc/8d/bc8d171d57d2ddc51bd2cf3d9a212f6e/6uueokro-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/MattShanley/status/1131221899365756929" text="Influencer marketing is cool. Be cautious of the influencers you're using, though, and don't oversaturate your content with one influencer. Sometimes just showing ‘regular’ people enjoying what you offer can have just as much of an impact." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Lead Forensics"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/71/a7/71a736fc819187fdc63b8a4a3f4faa31/xjdktohw-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/LeadForensics/status/1131221656947560448" text="If the influencer shares the same target audience as your business then this can absolutely be a great way to grow your business. We sometimes see businesses engaging with this strategy for the quantity though, rather than the quality of impressions." ]

[profile-mini name="Brian Kato"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/de/35/de351a9aab8b78ab563debf5d8d97f82/3xryemeu-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/katobkato/status/1131222529182294019" text="I feel this can be a mixed bag. As many others have mentioned, unless the influencer is all about your product things can come across as inauthentic and insincere." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Netvantage Marketing"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/f3/80/f380dcb0d91d112ea6da875e1c05ca74/lvedxddv-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/netvantage/status/1131221690489479168" text="Influencer marketing can be beneficial. BUT it is important to do your homework on the person you want to be an influencer. Don't have someone just because they are popular. Make sure they are passionate about your brand. It shows if they aren't." ]

[profile-mini name="Mark Gustafson"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/81/a9/81a95f4c7e254921cbf671af2d352430/vns3xiqd-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/markpgus/status/1131222715606609920" text="Influencers can be key if you do it correctly. Think of how you network professionally. How many people have you met because others have spoken highly of you? It’s the same for a business. If a trusted person speaks highly of you to their audience it’s a big deal!" color="violet"]

As content across social media channels continue to increase, what are your recommendations to rise above the digital noise?

[profile-mini name="Marianne Sweeny"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/a1/b8/a1b85bdeee5f767e3a3bc26d314b2766/l1bdlome-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/msweeny/status/1131225034192613376" text="Make it personal to your customers, make it enticing, informative,engaging. Don't just ask/tell them something, make them want to know/ask you. Bring your creative team in sooner rather than later. Cross the streams (Ghostbusters reference) and measure." ]

[profile-mini name="JD Prater"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/58/2d/582dc4866fc8163d761a0a9bd6885976/xl5sxzir-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/jdprater/status/1131224118215397376" text="Value, value, and more value. Have a unique voice and POV, and stop repeating the same things as everyone else." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Conference Care Package"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/12/28/1228891da579e835469de79fa2f7539e/7logve0s-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/Confcarepackage/status/1131224625533341697" text="Content should concentrate on evoking an emotional connection beyond sales. You are addressing a client need beyond providing a service or product. You are speaking to a person, not a company." ]

[profile-mini name="Mark Gustafson"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/81/a9/81a95f4c7e254921cbf671af2d352430/vns3xiqd-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/markpgus/status/1131223935637368832" text="Be better than others. If your product or service is better everything will be easier. If you’re providing real value it will be easier. All outreach will be easier (links and influencers). Paid traffic will be more efficient. It’s so simple but we tend to forget." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Tamara"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/88/ac/88ac7815116765ea42b4bf21af9427ee/oivjcbfv-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/itstamaragt/status/1131223889617588224" text="Listen to the needs of your target demographics and provide value to them. Quality > quantity. It's better to post fewer, valuable and helpful posts than to post an influx of posts in hopes that more people will see them." ]

[profile-mini name="Stevie Howard"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/89/44/89448e690ce7c36bbe6b6d1e31f8e3ac/uqmofh-q-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/MyMktingSense/status/1131223655185362944" text="Be transparent. Be genuine. Give people what they want. Have great writers/designers creating content that caters to your audience. Combine UX and authority by showcasing who you really are as a company." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Domenica D'Ottavio"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/77/7f/777f95b15fee8e299ef6c14ce7b05fd4/kwor4sh7-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/atdomenica/status/1131223647539146752" text="1. Be authentic; 2. Find your niche; 3. Offer value to your audience — something new, surprising, or beautiful; 4. Embrace change — don't wait for a trend to become the ‘norm’ before you participate; 5. Don't focus solely on metrics — qualitative evaluation is important." ]

[profile-mini name="Scott Clark"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/40/e1/40e143da9749e38aca0bc9e2b0675d65/mk-w4yjx-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/scottclark/status/1131223515556974592" text="Focus all efforts on customer empathy, emphasizing the Q&A and how-to areas of content. This is a social media accelerant and also strengthens entity relationships for SEO." color="violet"]

What are some emerging trends that digital marketers need to pay attention to?

[profile-mini name="ThinkSEM"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/d4/6e/d46ecae0c727f4792b8b4887fdc0e575/s6cec8kb-400x400.png" twitter="https://twitter.com/ThinkSEM/status/1131227309858598913" text="It's certainly not a new concept, but with the consumer/client wanting to be ‘closer’ to brands before buying, social proof is oh-so-important. Who in my circle/like me has had experience with Brand X? Brands interacting with The People is expected now." ]

[profile-mini name="Mark Gustafson"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/81/a9/81a95f4c7e254921cbf671af2d352430/vns3xiqd-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/markpgus/status/1131226822354432000" text="Vertical Video! Vertical Video! Vertical Video! People are getting there but so much traffic is coming from mobile. So much socializing done on mobile... optimize for it. People are not flipping their phone horizontal anymore. It’s not 2009." color="violet"]

[profile-mini name="Chris Galis"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/04/77/04771c75bd1824150eb9744c3d76ebd5/g4b-7vav-400x400.jpeg" twitter="https://twitter.com/ChrisGalis/status/1131226495307911169" text="Organic real estate is quickly dwindling so site owners (especially ecom merchants) who relied only on SEO need to broaden their approach to incorporate shopping feeds, paid ads, social profiles, video, reviews, GMB and more. Take up more real estate!" ]

[profile-mini name="Itamar Blauer"photo="https://static.semrush.com/blog/uploads/media/c7/7b/c77bec5593730acf960433f528c41d74/r6otjown-400x400.jpg" twitter="https://twitter.com/ItamarBlauer/status/1131226455625670656" text="Live videos, especially on platforms like LinkedIn (in beta testing). Live video is favoured by consumers due to real-time communication with the brands they love. You can also become a lot more personable with live video. So get ready ;)" color="violet"]

A big thank you to all of those that participated.

Each week, I am going to be watching the SEMrushchats looking for tweets I think will be helpful and educational to our blog readers. So, keep sharing your insights and advice and don't miss this week's SEMrushchat on Wednesday, May 29th at 11 AM ET/3 PM GMT; the topic will be How to Write Explosive Content and Stewart Rogers — @therealSJR will be our guest. Don't miss tips from him and the SEMrush community.

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