The Best Tweets from #SemrushChat: Social Media To Grow Your Business

Melissa Fach

May 28, 20199 min read
Social Media To Grow Your Business

Our team noticed that during each week’s Twitter #SEMrushChat, our participants offer a lot of valuable tips and insights. We thought we should share them with our blogging community, so each week, you can gain some great advice from marketers like yourself.

This week's SEMrushchat was about different aspects of social media that can help you grow your business. Below you can see the questions asked a compilation of fantastic answers for each. 

What are some wrong ways to use social media to “grow” one's business?

Q2. Among all forms of content, video content has become increasingly popular to grow one’s business. What are some ways you have leveraged video content to grow your business?

What’s your take on the importance of influencer marketing to grow one’s business? Why?

As content across social media channels continue to increase, what are your recommendations to rise above the digital noise?

What are some emerging trends that digital marketers need to pay attention to?

A big thank you to all of those that participated.

Each week, I am going to be watching the SEMrushchats looking for tweets I think will be helpful and educational to our blog readers. So, keep sharing your insights and advice and don't miss this week's SEMrushchat on Wednesday, May 29th at 11 AM ET/3 PM GMT; the topic will be How to Write Explosive Content and Stewart Rogers —  @therealSJR will be our guest. Don't miss tips from him and the SEMrush community.

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