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Blackberry has reappeared on the ‘Smart Phone Scene.’ It’s about time!

Kerin Foster

It’s happening! It looks like Blackberry is trying to make a comeback, and I have to say that I honestly didn't expect to see them in the news when I opened up my browser this morning. With most smartphone gossip being about the iPhone 5, Blackberry has made the headlines for the first time in quite a while. According to news outlets galore, Blackberry will finally be releasing the Z10 which is an all-touch screen (that comes in black or white just like the iPhone), the Q10, which is a version closer to Blackberry’s original for those who prefer the nostalgia of the earlier devices, and the corresponding Blackberry 10 operating system.

This will all go down in February and March (depending on the country). Also, Blackberry has done an all-out identity check and have combined RIM (Research in Motion) and Blackberry into a single entity. We all know that Research in Motion was facing some serious financial difficulties, so maybe the changing their name to 'Blackberry' will be a good move in the long-run. Another cool fact: Alicia Keys is going to be Blackberry’s Creative Director.

There are so many news stories revolving around the new Blackberry that they are simply being pushed upon the public, whether they are searching for them or not (for instance, the keyword blackberry has approximately 450,000 searches per month and 910 million results). I’m thinking that searches will increase quite a bit now that the news has hit the stands.

blackberry 4

As a simple SEMrush search for blackberry.com shows, they are bidding on many keywords that contain the word blackberry, but the amount that they spend on each keyword is spread out, their landing pages are varying, and their ads keywords have been increasing little by little.But, it’s only January, so I’m sure the public will be anxious to hear more about the future of Blackberry and also the re-invention of their company (I know I will – I’ll never forget my first phone with Internet access, which was my beloved purple Blackberry Curve. And who can forget BBM?)

So will Blackberry be able to compete with Apple’s new iPhone and even the Android phones? We still have until March when the Blackberry 10 devices will be released in the United States (and supposedly the wait is due to pricing decisions that still need to be made for different carriers), so we will see.

I, for one, have an upgrade coming up in March and have had it engrained in my head that I was going to take a step up from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. But after seeing the news about Blackberry’s new overhaul and Z10 smartphone... who knows, maybe I’ll keep my options open. Will you?


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2000 symbols remain
I believe the market has spoken and BlackBerry 10 is a non event and RIM has to evaluate the options!
RIM Network is slow but in blackberry it is simple fast
sounds good.. but I prefer the Nokia Lumia 620 take a look at the review here www.windows8web.com\nokia-lumia-620 and it's quite cheap compared to the blackberry
RIM is a great company, I am a blackberry user from last 4 years or so. But its big time for the company to do something out of the box and bring something that people will love. My best wishes with blackberry.
Ankit Kaul Machama
it's good
This is probably the last chance for RIM. BlackBerry 10 OS looks good but have read many bad reviews about it. You might want to change your decision ;)