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Why Your Blogs are Worthless Without Strong Author Bylines

John Lincoln
Why Your Blogs are Worthless Without Strong Author Bylines

Blogging is an effective tool to drive customer engagement and brand recognition to increase sales. In fact, 34 percent of Fortune 500 companies implement a blog strategy to boost website traffic and conversions according to Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research. Although blogging is known to generate nearly six times higher website conversions, many businesses still fail to implement an effective blogging strategy, which includes the use of author bylines.

Bylines add the author’s credibility and experience to establish your company as an industry leader with a stronger position in a specific niche. Simply adding a name provides the personalized touch to content that customers crave to show that there’s an actual person behind the post. Research shows that 63 percent of people feel multiple authors promote the credibility of a blog when compared to a single author or no stated author. However, as beneficial as a simple byline may be, many companies still fail to add author credit.

The faceless and nameless ghost blogs don’t do anything for your company in terms of sales. Your company needs that defining voice to add authority and recognition to your company’s image to build relationships.

No Corporate Voice

To promote industry credibility for business and customer relationships, your company needs a strong corporate voice to convey messages. Ghost blogs (blogs with no name on them, an alias or lower level employee) won’t accomplish this because there’s no visible person with expertise behind the posts. But, with a notable corporate voice, your company will reach new levels because there’s a recognizable face and name behind the quality information your blog shares. As a result, you’ll become the first choice to find information and services among customers and other businesses.

“Executives who are regular contributors to a publication often build a solid reputation as an authority in their field,” said marketer Jessica Epperly. “They can quickly become considered the ’go-to’ person for others looking for expert comment, advice, or information.”

Now, you have a representative to showcase specific experience to support your company to promote a powerful brand voice. This voice allows you to clarify your company’s message with a compelling connection to your targeted audience to build trust, which then turns into sales.

Lack of Customer Relationships

With 70 percent of customers preferring to get to know a company through articles, you need the relationships to be positive and built on trust to see any form of return. By offering your customers a name and a face, they will see that there’s a real person adding value to the content they are reading. It’s the personalization customers crave to build engagement, trust, and respect to turn your readers into loyal customers.

No Credibility or Expertise

Without a byline, a blog post may as well be auto generated or written by any average Joe. There’s no conclusive proof supporting your company’s claim to experience in your industry. But, a strong byline features the author’s background and knowledge to further gain recognition as an industry leader.

As Rachel Meranus from PR Newswire states, “A bylined article is one of the most effective tools available for establishing credibility with a target audience because it showcases you as a thought leader in your field.”

For example, if you feature a ghost post about a cancer breakthrough, it won’t hold much power because anyone could be making that claim. But, by adding the physician’s byline, you strengthen the authority that post now possesses, making your readers listen to what you have to say.

No Industry Influence

To foster business and to nurture sales, you not only need to establish relationships with industry influencers, but become an industry influencer yourself. Competition is stiff and you need to stand out as an influencer to reign over your competition.

By building amazing, unique content that’s clearly written by a valued and respected member of your team, you’ll add the flare you need to stand out as an industry influencer. This will not only attract customers with strong relationships, but open the door to new business prospects.

Give Appropriate Credit

A byline allows an individual to leverage their expertise to promote you company’s image to positively sway how your company is viewed by customers and other businesses. Your blog relies on positive relationships and trust that you develop through the information you provides your readers to see any form of return. Using personal recognition is the best way to promote quality to maximize the value for your brand.

Does your blog attribute posts to their authors? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.


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John Lincoln is Co-Owner and President of SEO and Social Media at Ignite Visibility, a premier Internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA. You can follow John on Twitter.
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Hi John,

Yes indeed, letting your audience know who you are makes one company more credible and approachable. We used to leave our social pages very private and keep our faces out of the business, but today, deciding to become more active and engage with our customers, we definitely improved our website design company's exposure.

Cheers for the reminder!

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