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Branding: Weave a Story for Your Startup that the Media Will Love

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Branding: Weave a Story for Your Startup that the Media Will Love

Hugh Benjamin
Branding: Weave a Story for Your Startup that the Media Will Love

Getting stories out to the media is essential for creating buzz around your brand. But not every company is good at piquing the interest of PR professionals, journalists and bloggers. However, if you’re trying to get the word out about a new product or service, grand opening or another exciting venture your company is about to undergo, then you need to make it newsworthy so that publishers will pick it up.

Writing a great press release is the first step. This should also be properly optimized, so it can be found once published. You can hire an SEO agency to write and optimize it for you.

The issue with getting the attention of the media is that it’s difficult to stand out. Unless you have a super unique product or service, you’ll likely blend in with vast others who are doing the same thing. In order to stand out to these increasingly de-sensitized journalists, you’re going to need to focus in on your back-story and narrative, rather than the actual product or brand.

Keep this in mind when you’re pitching your story to the media. In your pitches, info about your product or service should be clear, concise and only a few sentences, before getting into the meat of your actual story (the who and why).

If the idea of weaving a story into your brand or product is difficult, then you should definitely consider working with an SEO agency that specializes in PR and content writing. Here are some quick tips you can use meanwhile.

Avoid Spinning Tales

Some marketers make the mistake of adding one or two embellishments inside of the stories weaved for their brands. It’s very important that your content is 100% factual.

The last thing you need is to get called out on your lies, which can greatly affect your reputation as a brand. The end goal is to get people to buy from your business, so be honest and genuine. You can consult with an SEO company to find ideas and ways to put an honest spin on your press releases and pitches.

Don’t Be Afraid of Drama

There’s nothing the media loves more than drama. It’s why you’ll find hundreds of thousands of pieces published daily surrounding the pitfalls, mistakes and battles companies are having internally and externally. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to focus on the bad things about your brand. It simply means you should spin your stories in a way that shows realism.

For instance, you can talk about how your business was on the verge of bankruptcy and how it bounced back after rebranding. Or discuss the competition you’re having with one of the other leading businesses in your industry.

Follow the Trend

Riding the wave of trends is a great way to get quick and easy buzz for your entity. You can search for trending topics on social media sites and search engines and find creative ways to attach your brand to the wave. Of course, this needs to be done in a way that won’t tamper with your integrity, so don’t spam trends. Make sure your brand is actually relevant to the trend you’re using.

Focus On the People

Most brands focus too much on their products or services, and not enough on the people behind them. You can include stories about those within your brand who are working hard to make it a success. For example, you can talk about the founder or a team in your company that did something amazing, interesting or inspirational.

Provide Interesting Data and Insights

social media engagement can boost your brand

Journalists really love stories that are backed by data and industry insights. They’re consistently looking to get the “scoop”, so if you have information that goes against the status quo or that greatly supports preconceived concepts.

Gather and analyze data within your own business and industry to see if you can tie together an incredible story that showcases a problem, and how your brand offers a solution. 

Give Your Brand Purpose

Simply offering a new app, product or service to your customers isn’t going to get the attention of the media. There needs to be a purpose behind your initiatives, which can give your brand and story some depth.

For instance, offering an app that helps links patients with doctors, but also targets veterans who are in need of finding medical care. Or a water filter company that has an offer where they donate a filter to a family in a third-world country each time a customer makes a purchase. You want to be seen as more than just a for-profit organization, but as one that cares and has a purpose.

Finding ways to make your pitches stand out to the media is important for getting your story picked up. With the help of an SEO agency, you can ensure you have press releases that are engaging and optimized, increasing chances of them being seen. 

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Hugh Benjamin has been building start-ups for his whole career. He has a proven track record of growing companies from two employees to 200 using his unique brand of high-energy, responsible scaling strategies. Hugh currently runs PR & Business Development at I Think an Idea, an SEO and content agency in Los Angeles, California. I Think An Idea ( http://www.ithinkanidea.com ) has incorporated drone video content into social media campaigns and marketing for his clients.
On Social Media Marketing Panel @ IDE ( International Drone Event ) https://youtu.be/fDOhdDbKBW8
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