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Elena Terenteva

How to Get the Most Out of an SEO Event #Brighton SEO tips #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
How to Get the Most Out of an SEO Event #Brighton SEO tips #semrushchat

Winter is coming – and event season is coming with it. The benefits off offline events are obvious, so we won't focus on those today. Instead we’re going to talk about how to get the most out of offline event participation.

Kelvin Newman, Organizer of BrightonSEO, Director at SiteVisibility & Host of the Internet Marketing Podcast – and a hundred of our participants – got a sneak peek at what's coming at BrightonSEO and share the best conference tips and takeaways.

What topics are trending today in the SEO industry?

Tickets, a phone, a credit card and a toothbrush – this is the absolute minimum you need when traveling. But if you are going to a conference, you need to take something else: a bit of knowledge. A sophisticated dialog is best begun with a trending topic, so let’s take a look at the hottest SEO topics at the moment, which you can use either for your conference speech or for a random chat during coffee break.

Burning SEO alive is no longer a good idea; be careful when choosing “shocking” or controversial topics. This may seem like a good hook, but there is a change of starting off on the wrong foot if you don’t have enough information about the issue. Choosing something currently important or evergreen could be a better solution.

Google related topics – classy! Local SEO – awesome! Your Google penalty recovery experience – magnificent! All Google-related topics are in high demand, evergreen, and everybody can keep the ball rolling.

And if you can reinforce your arguments with some real-life examples, you definitely have every chance of succeeding. If you are able to offer a few tips on some complicated topics, even better.

Don’t forget that “content marketing is the new SEO,” according to Louise Dickens ‏@_LouiseDickens.

There is a variety of topics you can choose from on this subject – content development, content curation and, of course, content distribution, which sort of leads to the next hot topic.

It seems like almost every topic that SEOs are interested in at the moment includes a bit more than just ranking and keywords. Another idea of an SEO+ mix is UX/UI.

The anatomy of a perfect speech

On-stage performance is an art. Good news – you don’t have to have been born with an awesome stage presence; practice makes perfect! Even a small team meeting can be an opportunity to practice.

Here are seven main components of the perfect speech that were pinpointed by our participants. Keep them in mind every time you are speaking in front of an audience.

The anatomy of a perfect speech

Based on Tweets by following participants:

Alex Gillham ‏@AlexKGillham David Bain ‏@DavidBain GML Team ‏@GMLConsulting Kelvin Newman ‏@kelvinnewman Louise Dickens ‏@_LouiseDickens Quba ‏@qubadigital Ryan Johnson ‏@rsj8000

And for dessert: a very informative TED talk about body language, as suggested by Kelvin Newman ‏@kelvinnewman, that can help if you are a nervous speaker:

Networking hacks to use during an event to get the most out of it

My favorite part! I love meeting new people, talking to them, and exploring their “mind-maps” and stories. But when you meet people at some event, it’s not enough to just be nice and interesting and have a pleasant conversation. What you need is effective communication! I’ve grabbed some very useful advice from this thread, and I hope you’ll find something for yourself, too.

Even for someone who is very talkative, sometimes it can be hard to start a conversation with a stranger. And it can be even scarier to start a conversation with an influencer whose articles you read and who you follow on Twitter. But there’s no way to be effective without stepping out of your comfort zone. Bottom line – we’re all people, and a majority of us are nice. Speaking of followers on Twitter…

And of course, it will be easier to connect with everybody if you do a bit of homework first.

Your research should include not only a list of attendees, but topics discussed at the event. As we discussed previously, it’s important to choose the right topic of conversation. Another great way to make some new connections and feel more comfortable on the day of the event is to arrive a bit early.

But don’t rely just on social media – it won’t do all the magic for you. “Repeat the name of whoever you've just been introduced to in the next sentence, and remember – quality relationships over quantity,” as David Bain ‏@DavidBain advises. Quality over quantity – a very good formula! Show your personality, but also show your interest.


Okay, living in two realities during the conference – online and offline – can be tough, but worth it!

Tweet, tweet, tweet! Spread your info, share your thoughts, greet other participants; if you never use Twitter during a live event, you will miss the whole parallel reality where a lot of interesting thing can happen. And follow, follow, follow! “Everyone you meet offline you should connect with online too”— Lars Ole Liebst@larsoleliebst.

Use live video streaming tools to (literally) expand the picture. Using a new format can definitely attract more attention not just from conference attendees, but from your audience! A conference is the perfect source of new information, so be the first to share it with your users and readers.

Best speech and/or takeaway from this year conference If you want some examples of inspiring speeches and a list of events worth visiting, check out this thread! Here you will find top rated Tweets from this thread.

That's it for today! Hope you like it! See you this Wednesday as usual on #semrushchat!

Elena Terenteva

SEMrush employee.

Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.
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