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Reporting is a tricky thing that can either make or break your entire marketing process. Whether you prepare a report for your client, your boss, or a colleague, there is always a risk of drowning in the data, drawing the wrong conclusion, and going in the wrong direction. We put together 9 examples of marketing reports for daily, weekly, or monthly use.
Agency struggles are real; we hear about them all the time at SEMrush. One of our goals is to provide as many solutions to you as we can. So we asked our community which of the following is their biggest agency struggle — management, client management, training, or work efficiency.
While obtaining clients is the foundation of any good business, first, you need to know how to find clients. Keep reading to learn how our Oppty sales intelligence tool can help!
Our social team had a great conversation in last week‘s SEMrushchat, with guest Kevin Gibbons and our community. They discussed strategies for building an online reputation that will help businesses win new clients. Topics discussed included common ORM issues, platforms to use, strategies for building a new reputations, ways to incentivize customers, and techniques for demonstrating expertise.
In this Weekly Wisdom, we are going to look at two concepts of project management, as well as diving into my own SEO framework and how we use in client accounts. We will also discuss the framework for delivering it.
PPC mistakes can prove costly, in the truest sense of the word. Knowing that any small action can lead to a boost — in sales or in cost per sale — is real pressure. For a PPC consultant or strategist, identifying whether a campaign is going to be a success or not seems a daunting challenge. We have some tips on how to conduct a good PPC campaign based on an agency‘s experience.
The end of the year is close, and that means it’s time to send out those annual reports. Drawing up a worthy annual progress report in the chaotic environment of the Christmas rush and tough deadlines is quite tricky. But SEMrush can help!Our My Reports tool lets you aggregate the data from dozens of tools within the SEMrush suite in a click.
Setting up Custom Alerts within Google Analytics is a quick and easy way to keep tabs on any potential onsite issues which might impact your clients organic search performance and web revenue. Discover 6 essential Google Analytics Custom Alerts that SEO and Web Agencies can use to make their lives easier!
Are you hoping the right kind of SEO clients will come to you? The process is really simple, as I will reveal in this article. It is exactly how I got started as an SEO consultant - with no contacts or connections, with no marketing budget or assets, without even having to pick up the phone and call prospects to drum up fresh business. Read on to find out more.
The ultimate goal is money. A key element of working on SEO with large organizations is getting SEO projects anchored at the top of the organization. When you speak to multi-million dollar clients about SEO, speaking the right language is critical. You need to use the language of leadership. You must focus on what really matters. Money, revenue, and profit. This is what CEOs care about.

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