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Welcome back to SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday for December 18, 2015. This week's links come to you from a galaxy far, far away, or Philadelphia, PA. Whichever sounds more exotic to you.This week's stories include: the rise of topical optimization, how content marketers can tell better stories with data, how hard is it to do conversion optimization on a platform like Steam, and how the police are using social media to find and prosecute criminals.Let's get to it!
This week in SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday, we're looking at stories about the demise of Internet Explorer and Vine, a TwitterFeed shakeup, the resurrection of Google+ and the Rise of Generation Z.Let's get to it!
Welcome back to SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday for December 4, 2015.This week's stories include: how some advertisers are becoming filmmakers, a retrospective of this year's most successful viral content, a look at theLinkedIn app's new Facebook-inspired interface, and more!Let's jump right in!
This week‘s Food for Thought [Black] Friday Edition has stories about new Facebook privacy concerns, changes to LinkedIn groups, search engine market share trends over the past seven years and much more!Let‘s jump right in.
Welcome to this week's installment of SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday. This week's articles all share a common theme: resource lists.Let's get to it!
It's Friday, November 13, 2015. Yup, Friday the 13th!Let's see what news stories are lucky enough to be included in this week's sampling of news from around the world of Digital Marketing.This week: President Obama gets on Facebook, WordPress further dominates its competition in the CMS sweepstakes, Google makes TensorFlow open-source, and Google wants to send you text alerts about holiday shopping deals.Read more after the jump!
It's that time again, welcome to Food for Thought Friday for November 6, 2015!This week's stories: How crappy is your content?; Is Google's strategy to connect Indonesia to the world-wide web full of hot air?; Is this the end of Google's Chrome OS as we know it (and do you feel fine)?; and finally, Internet retailer Wayfair.com makes some interesting discoveries about organic search in a great case study from Search Engine Land.Let's jump in!
In this week's installment of Food for Thought Friday we're looking at stories about Facebook killing off much-maligned game invites, the limitations of behavioral targeting in digital marketing, Google's RankBrain and the rise of the machines, and a guide to leveraging Google's Search Analytics API that doesn't take a wizard to understand.Read more after the jump!
Welcome to our Halloween theme week here on the SEMrush Blog!We love Halloween and decided it was the perfect theme to close the month of October. We‘ll unmask what brands do to stay on top of Google‘s changes, chat about ‘killer‘ Facebook ads, ‘spooky‘ SEO tactics, ‘haunted house‘ UX and more. You get the idea – it‘s about to get ghostly this week!Don‘t get scared - we‘ll share exactly what you should do and what you must avoid to keep your digital presence alive.
In this week's installment of Food for Thought Friday we're looking at stories about Yahoo & Google getting the band back together, Amazon cracking down on fake reviews (again), Facebook's sleuths on the case against government-sponsored hacking, and the possible return of Google authorship.Read more after the jump!