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Here you will find posts and publications from the SEMrush blog archives. Do note, some information may now be outdated.

A podcast and theme week would hardly be complete without a podcast on podcasting. I ask webinar host, educator and actor Peter Starr Northrop all about podcasting best practices in our latest SearchCast episode.
In the spirit of Podcast and Webinar Week, I decided to map out how various webinar services appear in the eyes of SEMrush. I also wanted to use webinars as an example of how we can analyze SEMrush Rank in your industry and apply it to your SEO efforts. With various forms of content out there, webinars are becoming great resources for businesses to educate their audience. We can see through their organic performance, which webinar services are out performing their competitors.
You may have seen the new Video Advertising report within SEMrush. It‘s a lot of information to take in! Maybe you feel unable to get a firm grasp on the data. Well don’t you worry! Keep reading and you will soak this information up like a sponge in no time.
ChangelogThe changes this week are centralized in the Projects section of SEMrush. Specifically, the changes are within Position Tracking and Site Audit. We‘ve further enhanced the management of keyword tags by allowing you to add or delete a tag directly from the keyword table. The table itself is essentially part of the UI now. It‘s now super fast and efficient when adding a few tags here and there.
For the last year or so, we've used Disqus on the SEMrush blog. Disqus is a networked community platform that can be installed on your site via code or plugin.A colleague new to our commenting system of choice is now managing the recently launched SEMrush Spanish blog. I sent him an image to break down how I most often use Disqus.A recent SEMrush blog comment4 Ways I Use Disqus for the Company Blog
In September 2013, Google launched a new algorithm, Hummingbird, that has significantly changed the nature of search and the way we understand keywords. With the Hummingbird update, Google has moved toward semantic search, which primarily focuses on user intent, context and the meaning of words, rather than keywords.
When it comes to traffic to a business website, quality beats quantity. It is therefore important that you don’t lose focus on targeted web traffic, even as you engage in a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.Here are several tips that will help increase the conversion rate of your business’ website.
Once again, I‘m creating this post on Thursday. But, this time, it‘s due to the July 4th holiday that I‘m sure everyone is looking forward to.Please keep in mind that it means our US Support team will be unavailable until next Monday. However, email by Support will be available in the wee hours of the morning if we‘re talking about Eastern Standard Time. You can also try reaching out on our social channels like Twitter. You can read more about that below.
Summer‘s in full swing here in the U.S. and the content on the SEMrush blog is RED HOT!So grab a tall cold glass of your favorite beverage and find a shady spot to read this month‘s “Best of the Blog“ posts.
Launching your first link building campaign can be daunting.Getting your site operational can be difficult enough, and finding ways to acquire links for your new site can seem impossible. However, links are essential to online visibility and improving visibility is crucial to the success of a new website — you must take links into account when marketing your site.

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