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A few years ago, words were enough to attract new audience members and keep existing customers engaged. But today, ensuring that your content is fresh and that people find it captivating and worthy of their time is a serious challenge. Of course, text is still important, but content is evolving and visuals are gaining more power.
Hey, agency representatives: what is the biggest mistake you can make when pitching clients? Hands down, the biggest trap people fall into is not doing enough research. It’s tempting to think research starts after you’ve won a contract and that the sales process can focus solely on your offering. Your competition likely believes that. After all, it’s how it’s been done for many years. However, it’s only the best route to take if your goal is to blend with the crowd.
Companies that rely on tired advertising campaigns will lose more business than they realize as people ignore and actively block their content. In order to excite rather than repel your audience, take a page from the app developer playbook and design ads from a user experience standpoint. If you offer users a positive and useful experience, they won’t be so quick to block your ads.
Finding high paying writing jobs is becoming increasingly difficult. The reason is that competition is at an all-time high. While the explosion of the Internet has been good for freelance writers looking to land jobs, the reality is that it’s also lowered the bar. Because anyone can build a website, set rates and pitch clients, the marketplace is significantly watered down.  
This case study analyzes the PPC ad copy for Easter eggs using SEMrush. Most of the adverts that stood out offered a unique value proposition, used numbers within the ad copy or appealed to the searcher's love of chocolate.
When you are trying to develop and promote your brand, one of the most effective ways of going about it would be to do some guest blogging. When you take a closer look at it, it’s more than just simple content sharing. With a single guest post, the content you have produced is exposed to an entirely new audience, which will ultimately drive traffic to you website and improve your conversion rate.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced PPC manager, there are resources to assist and continue learning pay per click advertising. These are the essential resources for PPC managers.TrainingWordStream PPC UniversityWordStream's PPC University teaches basic to more advanced skills such as remarketing. The university is live on the WordStream website, but if you prefer to learn on the move, there is also an app.
Imagine earning 6-7 times the business at a fraction of the cost, and capturing 10 times the referrals. You don’t have to imagine it. All you have to do is fall in love with your customers.Valentine’s Day arrives and love is in the air. Do you love your customers? It’s fascinating to see the revival of customer service and loving your customer. Some of the most successful companies of our time obsessively focus on service.
 Much like most of the East Coast of the US, I was snowed in a few weekends ago. That only meant one thing: lots and lots of social media surfing. Amidst my binge-eating and scrolling, I noticed that my timeline was inundated with a ton of stick figures. To say that piqued my interest would be an understatement.You’ve probably seen posts like these, all proclaiming that you should try to be more like Bill than anything else.
You may already know SEMrush rocks.Most marketers have either heard of it or use it every day.But I have more to thank SEMrush for than just search results data. SEMrush was the first tool I bought when I was a broke freelancer. It‘s helped me build a successful marketing business in less than a year.I landed my first clients as a direct result of SEMrush‘s keyword data. SEMrush gives me in-depth insights about a prospect‘s website.