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In this week‘s video changelog, I‘ll show of some quick changes to the recently revamped Display Advertising section as well as new export features with our Social Media Tool.
When using SEMrush, there has most likely come a time where you have seen something that drew your eye, and in turn, caused you to draw a logical conclusion. Although we try to explain everything as best as possible to our users, some elements become lost in translation. I‘ve decided to draw up a list of common “myths” about SEMrush. Here are the top three myths most users assume about SEMrush. Let‘s see what we can debunk.
Digital marketing continues to evolve. Strategies that were effective yesterday might not be so beneficial today. In the fast-changing online environment, it’s important for marketers to learn the right techniques to succeed.An effective digital marketing strategy is essential for any online business to take advantage of its many marketing opportunities.
When friendly banter meets growth-hacking advice...some intense networking happens. That’s precisely what our guests witnessed during the White Nights SEMrush Meetup, which took place in the beautiful city of rivers and bridges – Saint-Petersburg.
Guest posting is certainly NOT dead; but the link-building SEO concept behind it is. In the past, bloggers, businesses, and digital marketers abused this strategy, which led to former head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, to announce that guest blogging is done. So unless you’re into this sort of practice, Cutts encourages you to guest blog – as long as you use the opportunity to offer high-quality, informative content.
Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. In this week‘s video changelog, I show off enhancements to our Social Media Tool, SEO Ideas and a few open betas like the new PPC Keyword Tool and a huge update to our Display Advertising Reports.
This week, in a super unprepared, awkwardly clunky performance, we go over recent enhancements to our Social Media tool, Position Tracking tool and SEO Ideas tool.
How can social media get buyers involved from the first interest to an ultimate justified decision? How can it help companies keep pace with their clients? What social networks should they use to connect with their customers and convert their prospects.
Finding a way to seamlessly integrate SEO and content teams takes time and a vast knowledge of the target audience. Here are five tried and true tips for creating the most productive inbound marketing team for your startup’s lead generation, user acquisition and retention.
This SEMrush video changelog details the most recent updates to our SMM (Social Media), SEO Ideas and My Reports tool.