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Today, our dear blog readers, I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Heather Lloyd-Martin: CEO of, a “pioneer of SEO copywriting” (as described by Forbes), an international speaker, book author, SEO Copywriting Certification developer, one of the top women in SEO of our time and overall a lovely person who enjoys helping her clients (among whom are a number of Fortune 500 companies) boost their search positions and improve conversions.
In this week‘s episode, we go over a few simple but awesome enhancements to our Analytics reports and Site Audit tool.
The marketer’s job does not end at “click.” That’s actually when you should be bringing in the big guns! And it doesn’t have to be hard, or incredibly time intensive. There are a few lead nurturing etiquette practices that you can start following today to nurture leads.
There may come times within your digital marketing campaign where you need to get quick information on a domain. This could be a domain you have just come across within your marketing research or a domain you have been keeping your eye on for a while. But where do you start? How do you find the information you are looking for or know what information to look for? Well, with SEMrush, thats how!
This week‘s SEMrush video changelog highlights enhancements to our Social Media tool and SEO Ideas Tool as well as unveiling our super awesome, brand new advocacy program!
Pro Tips is an online video series in which SEMrush answers commonly asked questions by our customers. We release these videos periodically to make it easier to understand all of the reports and features offered by SEMrush.
Companies worldwide invest a significant amount in online marketing in the attempt to achieve their ultimate goal – to maximize profit. Return on Investment (ROI) plays a central part for businesses in deciding whether to continue marketing campaigns further. As a business owner, you too have invested in online marketing with an aim to achieve high ROI and success. How can you make it happen?
Everyone has SEO or PPC campaigns to run, whether they are big or small companies. This means that smaller companies tend to focus more on a specific geographical location as larger companies tend to look from a national standpoint. The way that SEMrush currently works is if you search any domain, keyword or URL in to the search bar at the top, you will be presented with all of the data we have in our system for that query at the national level for the database of your choosing.
Do you suspect that your sales page leaves people cold? Do you think nobody’s reading your content – or, at the very least, they’re ignoring your Call to Action (CTA) buttons? Are the images on your website turning visitors off – or confusing them?
Until recently, SEO theory and advanced optimization never occurred to most of the world’s bloggers. All they knew was that they loved writing, conveying their knowledge and wanted to help others through covering various projects and businesses. So when bloggers began having to take SEO and optimization seriously, they found all the information being presented to them was written in, well, a somewhat complicated manner.