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Hi, SEMrush Blog readers!Today I would like to share an interview with Jitendra Vaswani, the founder of, professional blogger and an affiliate marketer from India. Jitendra is a member of our BeRush Affiliate Program. His website provides informative blog posts about SEO, blogging strategies, WordPress, social media and more.
Adding a rel=”nofollow” tag onto internal links used to be very common practice back in the ‘dark days’ of SEO where directory links, article spinning and keyword-rich anchor texts were all the rage. The nofollow tag could be used to prevent Google crawling and passing PageRank through to the pages on a site that weren’t central to SEO performance, and in turn ensuring that more valuable pages received a greater portion of the authority.
Welcome back to SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday for December 18, 2015. This week's links come to you from a galaxy far, far away, or Philadelphia, PA. Whichever sounds more exotic to you.This week's stories include: the rise of topical optimization, how content marketers can tell better stories with data, how hard is it to do conversion optimization on a platform like Steam, and how the police are using social media to find and prosecute criminals.Let's get to it!
This week in SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday, we're looking at stories about the demise of Internet Explorer and Vine, a TwitterFeed shakeup, the resurrection of Google+ and the Rise of Generation Z.Let's get to it!
Are “potential customers whose life time value mean millions to your business” walking right past you? The ones that will likely love you, your products, and your services for 90 years? “It’s been said that the object of the first sale is not to make a profit, but to acquire a customer,” and that’s exactly what I think about each and every time I approach a prospect, either online with my ad copy, automated sales funnel, or in person.
Welcome back to SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday for December 4, 2015.This week's stories include: how some advertisers are becoming filmmakers, a retrospective of this year's most successful viral content, a look at theLinkedIn app's new Facebook-inspired interface, and more!Let's jump right in!
If you have ever worked as a moderator or currently manage an online community, you know how difficult it is to keep the community active, engaged, and troll-free (or troll-lite). Communities are the safe harbor for fans of your brand.A community’s value is not necessarily in how it generates revenue, but to provide insight into how their customers respond to their brand, provides tips, and solve problems.
Live streaming can be addictive. Once you start, it’s impossible to quit!Live streaming has so much marketing value that it’s sure to make your boss happy. And if you’re a boss, you should learn more about it, because it’s a great opportunity to improve both your company’s social media and search engine marketing efforts.
This week‘s Food for Thought [Black] Friday Edition has stories about new Facebook privacy concerns, changes to LinkedIn groups, search engine market share trends over the past seven years and much more!Let‘s jump right in.
The self-proclaimed "front page of the internet" drives headlines, traffic, and new ideas faster than any social network out there today. Savvy digital marketing agencies have turned to Reddit to promote content organically to reach those influential social news aggregators and pray that they don’t get downvoted.