Publications from the former SEMrush blog. Beware: some info may be outdated!

Until recently, SEO theory and advanced optimization never occurred to most of the world’s bloggers. All they knew was that they loved writing, conveying their knowledge and wanted to help others through covering various projects and businesses. So when bloggers began having to take SEO and optimization seriously, they found all the information being presented to them was written in, well, a somewhat complicated manner.
Happy National Pizza Party Day! In this weeks episode, we‘ll check out some quick but useful changes to our Navigation Menu, Social Media tool and SEO Ideas Tool.
In this month’s issue of our Affiliate Spotlight series, we are very happy to share with you an interview with Adam Connell, a successful entrepreneur, marketing director at UK Linkology and the founder of Blogging Wizard.
In this unlucky Friday the 13th Video Changelog episode, we‘ll highlight updates and additions made to various sections of our Projects system including the brand new Backlinks Audit tool.
Everyone wants their website to look as authoritative as possible in the eyes of Google. This is conducted through the efforts of SEO and PPC. However, it comes down to more than just digital marketing campaigns. Backlinks have a direct correlation with your SEO performance. For those unfamiliar with backlinks, these are links one domain puts on their webpage that redirects to your website.
In this post in our BeRush Affiliate interview series, we are happy to share with you Pauline Cabrera’s take on blogging, managing multiple businesses and family values, among other things. Pauline is a marketing strategist, a successful blogger ( and a business owner.
SEMrush has always been the number one source for keyword research but, in my personal opinion, what we offer is a keyword research method through competitive analysis. SEO Keyword Magic is a standalone Keyword Research tool as opposed to a method.
A few years ago, words were enough to attract new audience members and keep existing customers engaged. But today, ensuring that your content is fresh and that people find it captivating and worthy of their time is a serious challenge. Of course, text is still important, but content is evolving and visuals are gaining more power.
This week, we‘ll walk through multiple enhancements to our Social Media Tool, new Project Sharing features and Estimated Traffic metrics in Position Tracking.
Many users know SEMrush for our reliable data for SEO and PPC reports. But many do not know about or take advantage of the powerful Projects Interface. When digital marketers conduct their work, they usually want to have reporting readily available for each website at the click of a button. Having your client’s information laid out in front of you all in one centralized place can become very advantageous.