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Welcome to this week's installment of SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday. This week's articles all share a common theme: resource lists.Let's get to it!
If you are an SEMrush user, you most likely have found that you needed to export multiple reports in order to get the information you need to send to your client. Maybe you have Organic and Paid campaigns set up for your client and you want to put both results in one report. Well say hello to the new Custom PDF Builder!Found under the Tools section, you can now find all of your exports under the My Reports selection.
It's Friday, November 13, 2015. Yup, Friday the 13th!Let's see what news stories are lucky enough to be included in this week's sampling of news from around the world of Digital Marketing.This week: President Obama gets on Facebook, WordPress further dominates its competition in the CMS sweepstakes, Google makes TensorFlow open-source, and Google wants to send you text alerts about holiday shopping deals.Read more after the jump!
I have been making jewelry ever since I was little. It was always a hobby of mine and I finally decided to try and create a small business out of it. For my full-time job, I work as a paid search manager at an advertising agency so I don’t have a lot of time to develop my own full functioning e-commerce site.Since I was just starting out and had multiple time constraints, I wanted to use a platform that was already set up and had everything I needed. This is why I chose Etsy.
Want valuable feedback that's so easy, your customers will tell you what they think?Online surveys specialize in helping you to get information from other people in a simple manner that's super efficient.Online survey programs are designed to take in opinions from your customers and other visitors to your online business or other site. Online surveys have about just about anything you might have created with a wide variety of options.
It's that time again, welcome to Food for Thought Friday for November 6, 2015!This week's stories: How crappy is your content?; Is Google's strategy to connect Indonesia to the world-wide web full of hot air?; Is this the end of Google's Chrome OS as we know it (and do you feel fine)?; and finally, Internet retailer makes some interesting discoveries about organic search in a great case study from Search Engine Land.Let's jump in!
The idea of what makes up a customer is constantly changing. It's no longer just someone who purchases your product. People now will follow your business, consider you a trusted entity and go to you for answers. These people see you as a trusted resource. This is why it is essential for companies today to keep their audience engaged. And what better way to engage with your audience than social media.
It's very rare that we see a new player in the SEO and Digital Arena that's as much a shoe-in to be a long-term player as Wikidata is. But with all the value of the medium, it's remained a relatively virgin frontier, one that the SEO community has left it largely untested and undocumented. I feel we're missing out on a tremendous opportunity -- think of it this way:Wikidata is born of greatness: Launched on October 30, 2012, this is the first new Wikimedia project in six years.
In this week's installment of Food for Thought Friday we're looking at stories about Facebook killing off much-maligned game invites, the limitations of behavioral targeting in digital marketing, Google's RankBrain and the rise of the machines, and a guide to leveraging Google's Search Analytics API that doesn't take a wizard to understand.Read more after the jump!
Almost every time I tell someone I’m a Community Manager, I get the questions “what’s that?” “What is it that you really do though?” “What does that really mean?”As the Community Manager of an Internet marketing agency, there are a number of things that I do. However, the Community Manager here at TechWyse is probably a little different from the Community Manager at SEMrush.