Publications from the former SEMrush blog. Beware: some info may be outdated!

Hey, agency representatives: what is the biggest mistake you can make when pitching clients? Hands down, the biggest trap people fall into is not doing enough research. It’s tempting to think research starts after you’ve won a contract and that the sales process can focus solely on your offering. Your competition likely believes that. After all, it’s how it’s been done for many years. However, it’s only the best route to take if your goal is to blend with the crowd.
In this week‘s Video Changelog, we‘ll talk about a few enhancements to our Site Audit, Position Tracking and Brand Monitoring Tools.
No matter what you do within your digital marketing strategy, if you cannot properly display your progress to your client or boss, it will be meaningless. Reporting is an integral piece to show how your efforts have influenced change for a website. You can always use charts and numbers to represent your efforts, but we live in a world dominated by visuals. Having an exciting presentation and eye grabbing reports will truly drive the point home to your client or boss.
In this weeks Video Changelog, we get to show off a brand new home dashboard, our My Reports tool has officially launched and there‘s been various updated to our Position Tracker. Enjoy!
Two of the most commonly asked questions our SEMrush support team receives are “why doesn‘t the advertising cost match my internal analytics” and “why does the traffic estimation number in SEMrush fail to match my internal analytics?” So how can we solve this issue and make sure everyone understands it? Well, the Customer Success Content team has revamped a web series we had in the past called Pro Tips.
Companies that rely on tired advertising campaigns will lose more business than they realize as people ignore and actively block their content. In order to excite rather than repel your audience, take a page from the app developer playbook and design ads from a user experience standpoint. If you offer users a positive and useful experience, they won’t be so quick to block your ads.
In this weeks Video Changelog, we‘ll explore updates to our Projects Dashboard and Brand Monitoring tool.
Finding high paying writing jobs is becoming increasingly difficult. The reason is that competition is at an all-time high. While the explosion of the Internet has been good for freelance writers looking to land jobs, the reality is that it’s also lowered the bar. Because anyone can build a website, set rates and pitch clients, the marketplace is significantly watered down.  
Competitive analysis is essential in determining how you can become the top website for your targeted keywords. Usually digital marketers have that one competitor (or maybe multiple) they have been eyeing up and want to know exactly where they stand against them through their SEO or PPC efforts. Without doing the manual work involved, you can cut some corners and get this data all in one place using the Domain vs. Domain tool.
Learn about the latest updates to the SEMrush tool. This week: AMP canonical checks, error fixes, advanced filters in crawled pages reports, and more!