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Welcome to our Halloween theme week here on the SEMrush Blog!We love Halloween and decided it was the perfect theme to close the month of October. We‘ll unmask what brands do to stay on top of Google‘s changes, chat about ‘killer‘ Facebook ads, ‘spooky‘ SEO tactics, ‘haunted house‘ UX and more. You get the idea – it‘s about to get ghostly this week!Don‘t get scared - we‘ll share exactly what you should do and what you must avoid to keep your digital presence alive.
In this week's installment of Food for Thought Friday we're looking at stories about Yahoo & Google getting the band back together, Amazon cracking down on fake reviews (again), Facebook's sleuths on the case against government-sponsored hacking, and the possible return of Google authorship.Read more after the jump!
Visual content is a powerful instrument that can boost traffic and conversions. This is easily demonstrated by viewing a successful blog or the social media posts of leading companies. Although many understand the importance of images, a lot of bloggers and marketers find creating unique, relevant visuals difficult.Are there any tools that can help? What images are more likely to engage your audience.
This week Food for Thought Friday spotlights the social media‘s giants Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter shaking things up and making drastic changes. Are the Twitter layoffs a sign that the company is about to drop off the map? Is Facebook trying too hard to become the new YouTube with their new video feed? Does SEO disrupt your analytics data?
First and foremost, let me state on the record that SEMrush is not paying me to write this. As a contributor to their amazing and informative blog and active user of the product for over a year now, I’ve become an advocate.Here’s my story about how I’ve helped create a smarter sales team at my company by empowering them with [digital] knowledge and understanding.
This September we spoke a lot about social media. And we had our first experience using, a really nice tool for live conversations. To be specific, Blab is a live streaming platform that enables a public video chat between two, three, or four participants at a time. Viewers can watch the live stream and participate by leaving comments. If one of the four seats is vacant, a viewer can request to join the chat.Olga Andrienko, the Head of Social Media at SEMrush, hosted her first chat.
This week various companies are diving into the technology industry head first and taking us one step closer to the future. We‘ve highlighted Playstation acquiring gesture-tracking tech, Google investing in artificial intelligence, Facebook diving into creating a universal reaction language with emojis, and 5 reasons marketing tech spending will reach new heights by 2025.
A community manager spends a lot of time saying “thank you.” Talking to a customer about a support issue? We’re thanking them for their understanding while we resolve the problem. Someone tweeted a blog post? We’re thanking them for the share. Someone shouts from the rooftops how much they love our company? We’re handling that, too.We need to make sure our community members know they’re valued. So yes, that means a lot of time expressing gratitude.
This week we're covering stories about new Facebook profile features, targetted email lists in AdWords, and the age-old debate: where should you be spending your advertising budget?
Online shopping means convenience, and that's an integral part of the checkout process on an e-commerce site. Users expect smooth sailing; if you fail to offer it, they leave your site in no time. It’s no use designing great landing pages unless you have a smart checkout process, too. If you are losing on sales despite a decent looking website, then it’s time to work on details.