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Here you will find posts and publications from the SEMrush blog archives. Do note, some information may now be outdated.

ChangelogLet‘s take a look at the changes we‘ve seen this week.
When using SEMrush, most people are not aware of how to take full advantage of the software. You may or may not know this, but one of the things SEMrush is well known for is our keyword research. But do you really know how to utilize SEMrush for keywords? Well, with it being Education Week on the SEMrush Blog, I’ll take you back to school through this post and show you how to best utilize SEMrush to find the keywords best for you.
Hello, dear SEMrush Blog readers!Today we are going to talk about one of the fundamental SEO issues. How do you mix SEO and content marketing to prepare a perfect marketing dish? What are the main problems that face content marketers and SEO specialists when working together? And of those two, who is the irreplaceable member of the marketing team.
ChangelogLet‘s take a look at the changes we‘ve seen this week.
ChangelogWhat a week! We have a whole bunch of new features and reports to talk about. For everyone‘s sake, we‘ll do this in bullet points. I‘ve taken the liberty of linking directly to specific points of the embedded video.
If you have ever decided to take on the daunting task of a move for your business, you know how stressful it can be. There is a lot to take care of, but what many business owners forget is that it is really important you don’t compromise your online ranking in the process. You have to make sure all of your bases are covered when it comes to your online move.
With the birthday of SEMrush, I have decided to remind everyone of the changes that SEMrush has experienced within the past year. SEMrush has grown exponentially and with growth comes more tools and features. Here are the major changes that have taken place within the software.
Social media is more than just a place to share your thoughts. It’s a piece of digital real estate you can leverage to compel some form of progress, whether for you (as an influencer) or for your company (as an asset).The larger your audience, the greater chance you have to inspire a positive, desired outcome. Are you selling a product or service? Are you hiring? Looking for a donations? Trying to get users to test a new product? An active social audience can help you with all of these things.
ChangelogThis week, we take a quick dive into a couple of enhancements in our Projects Section. First, within Site Audit, we‘ve added a new warning check — “Homepage Does Not Use HTTPS.“ As you know, security has become quite the ranking factor in Google and this check will alert you if, in fact, we do not find HTTPS on your homepage.Next, we look at the new SMM (Social Media Monitoring) tool. Since its launch a few weeks ago, we‘ve already seen huge improvements and additions.

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