Brand Management

What is brand management? How your brand is perceived by the market? How to start your first brand management campaign? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your brand management strategy: tools overviews, brand monitoring tips, crisis management tactics and a lot more.

How do you decide if entrepreneurship is right for you?To answer this question, we decided to invite Judith Lewis, who has just made the huge move to consulting after working in-house, to our weekly SEMrush Chat. Judith is an SEO, an international social media expert, a conference speaker, and a Huffington Post and SEO Chicks blogger. She shared her own experience and discussed with our other chat participants some difference between being employed and running your own business.
Companies and social media platforms have found themselves at the intersection of Personal and Professional Streets. Concerned about how their brands are being affected by social media coverage, many have invested in brand monitoring tools. Because even the savviest CMOs realize if you’re not out there monitoring and positioning your brands’ online uniqueness, you’re just dropping the ball into the hands of the competition – and they‘ll run with it.
As I talk to multiple small business clients, many view social media as an overwhelming threat. The reality is 70% of sales people who use social media are more successful than those who don’t use it. Social media is an opportunity that can be honed to benefit and realize strong ROI. In this post, I will go through a specific tactic of social listening, which you can leverage for lead generation and watch your business grow.
When it comes to delivering content in a selfless and user-friendly fashion, YouTube carries the torch. Though supported by ads, the service is provided free of charge and allows ad-averse users to skip most commercials after just five seconds of watching them.Now, with the launch of YouTube Red, people who can’t even stand watching a few seconds of commercials have the ability to pay a small fee and avoid them altogether.
When I started working at SEMrush a year ago, I made a new Twitter handle and promptly began engaging influencers and participating in #semrushchat and other Twitter chats. It made a lot of sense: as a reflection of an established and respected brand, I wanted to present myself in the most professional manner possible. I assumed people wouldn't want to hear about all the nerdy stuff I do on the weekend, my #EditorProblems and my struggles with the characters who live in my fiction.I was wrong.
Building a strong, close-knit marketing team is essential for every company, whether it’s a large global enterprise or a small business. No doubt, everything starts with the right leader who will inspire and motivate people who work under their direction. People will pay attention to what their leader says and how they behave, and their actions will set an example for their employees.
What is branding? Put simply, it is the process of building a company’s image in the consumer’s mind, and we all know that this process is difficult and requires a long-term investment. It can take decades to create a firmly established brand, but it can literally take only a few minutes to destroy your company’s image.We can say that PR acts as a watchdog for any brand.
Technology has slowly but steadily taken over our lives – so much so that almost half of the households in India now have a smartphone. India is a country with a population of 1.267 billion with 375 million active monthly Internet users.The other day I was scrolling through the Facebook page of Kunal Shah, founder and CEO of FreeCharge, when I came across a few eye-opening statistics. (Random Facebook browsing leads to great finds sometimes.
There are so many things you could do to convince prospects to buy from you. You could write great copy to make them desire your products or services like nothing else. Develop strong value proposition to differentiate your offering from the competition. Or use split testing to improve website conversions.But no matter what you do, most customers will still go off and conduct online research to assess if you’re worthy of buying from.
Google’s becoming smarter every day, isn’t it?For example, the search engine gets better and better at detecting unnatural link building or evaluating the authority of a linking site. Not to mention that its algorithm can already assess a content’s usefulness or a brand’s strength at a snap.And as a result, the bar for the quality of the content and links you need to rank goes up all the time.