Brand Management

What is brand management? How your brand is perceived by the market? How to start your first brand management campaign? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your brand management strategy: tools overviews, brand monitoring tips, crisis management tactics and a lot more.

Technology has slowly but steadily taken over our lives – so much so that almost half of the households in India now have a smartphone. India is a country with a population of 1.267 billion with 375 million active monthly Internet users.The other day I was scrolling through the Facebook page of Kunal Shah, founder and CEO of FreeCharge, when I came across a few eye-opening statistics. (Random Facebook browsing leads to great finds sometimes.
There are so many things you could do to convince prospects to buy from you. You could write great copy to make them desire your products or services like nothing else. Develop strong value proposition to differentiate your offering from the competition. Or use split testing to improve website conversions.But no matter what you do, most customers will still go off and conduct online research to assess if you’re worthy of buying from.
Google’s becoming smarter every day, isn’t it?For example, the search engine gets better and better at detecting unnatural link building or evaluating the authority of a linking site. Not to mention that its algorithm can already assess a content’s usefulness or a brand’s strength at a snap.And as a result, the bar for the quality of the content and links you need to rank goes up all the time.
With a 300 million strong user base, Instagram has quickly grown from a trendy iPhone app to a dominant social network. Thanks to diminishing engagement and organic reach on Facebook, more and more businesses are looking to Instagram to reach their customers.Here are some tips to maximize your Instagram marketing – along with some successful examples from our Instagram account.
According to recent data, 65.8% of U.S. businesses are using Twitter for marketing purposes, and by 2017, this number is expected to increase to 67.2%. When used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool to help bring in new customers, and keep existing ones engaged. By making use of hashtags, Twitter parties, contests, and promoted tweets, you can take your social marketing strategy to new heights in 2016 and beyond.
What ‘Big Ideas‘ will set the tone for your company this year?As part of our year-end, Firebrand Group released a new ebook, 20.16 Big Ideas for 2016. In it, we asked a number of our favorite award-winning marketing experts, authors, and other thought leaders – in addition to some of our own team of digital strategy and branding experts – to recommend one “Big Idea” that companies can take advantage of to get ahead in 2016.
What if your company could go viral tomorrow? What if you could earn dozens, possibly hundreds of precious inbound links from major websites, while becoming a trending topic on social media at the same time? It sounds like every digital marketing agency’s wildest SEO dreams come true, and it is.Be Careful What You Wish For...If going viral like that sounds too good to be true, remember:Your viral SEO fantasy is virtually identical to your worst digital nightmares.
Something must be compelling, interesting, and worthy to earn our costly time and attention – the most valuable commodities in today’s marketplace. Getting noticed is ever competitive- and exponentially so- when you start reaching farther and wider for your audience.Assuming a general understanding of the value of visibility and its impact on growth, how can businesses capture more of it, and from farther away? What does it take to promote a brand capable of gaining global recognition?
Visuals permeate our existence everywhere, including online. The challenge for most businesses is that they are unsure of how to connect visuals to their own brand message and their own story, and they are not able to create anything that they feel is profound and remarkable. Further, many entrepreneurs and businesses do not know how to effectively create, design and distribute visuals and images across their entire digital ecosystem, particularly their social media channels.
While many brands have learned how to tell a story around what they do and why they do it, they still miss opportunities to tell their stories when it comes to daily operations.Chances are you do something different from your competition; additionally, your personality (and your employees' personalities and interests) help define your brand. People want to know more about you.Your fans, customers, prospects and clients love to get a peek behind the curtain.