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Rules of Snapchat Branded Content Marketing

Social Media

4 min read

9 Unwritten Rules of Snapchat Branded Content Marketing

Snapchat is quickly becoming a powerful new tool brands can use to engage with their audiences, thanks to the more than 100 million people using Snapchat every day. They‘re watching and sharing more than 7 billion video clips. And unlike other social platforms, which have pretty variable demographics, Snapchat has a small, core audience of users between 13 and 25 years old.
Aaron AgiusJul 21, 2016
Social Media: A Buyer's Journey

Social Media

12 min read

Social Media: A Buyer's Journey #Semrushchat

How can social media get buyers involved from the first interest to an ultimate justified decision? How can it help companies keep pace with their clients? What social networks should they use to connect with their customers and convert their prospects? To answer this and other important questions, we discussed how social media impacts buyers’ decisions with our Semrush Chat participants and our special guest Steady Demand, a team of professionals that provides content development and fully managed social media services.
Liza VoronkovaJun 20, 2016
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Creative Ways To Say ‘Thank You’ on Social Media

Social Media

6 min read

5 Creative Ways Brands Can Say "Thank You" On X

A community manager spends a lot of time saying “thank you.” Talking to a customer about a support issue? We’re thanking them for their understanding while we resolve the problem. Someone tweeted a blog post? We’re thanking them for the share. Someone shouts from the rooftops how much they love our company? We’re handling that, too.
Brittany BergerOct 06, 2015