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Content Marketing

Looking to advance you content marketing output? Here you'll find expert advice on how to improve your content strategy: ideas for lead-generating content, tool overviews, content writing tips, on-page SEO checklists and a whole lot more.

Did you know that one-third of all webpages in existence are blogs? If you want to stay on top of hot trends and maintain a competitive edge with your blogging, it’s crucial to know the most current blogging statistics.
Not all B2B texts are created equal. In this post, we’re going to look at the differences between B2C and B2B writing and share some tactics for creating B2B content that will differentiate you from your competition.
We analyzed over 1,200,000 blog posts to understand the impact of different text characteristics and elements on pageviews, backlinks, and shares, and to establish the reference values for the most common characteristics of the content.
You need to keep in touch with customers through different channels and using various content formats. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to plan your content production and create the most popular types of content, or order them from your writers more wisely.
These Content Marketing stats will help you polish the creation process. Insights from this survey report, feature insights and answers from 1500+ marketers that can quickly point you in the right direction for content creation.
2021 is just around the corner, so we asked our community, and guest Megan Leap, about their thoughts on future content marketing trends, current predictions, outdated strategies, changing approaches, and the new challenges content marketers are worried about.
The goal of this article is to help your content marketing efforts succeed. Six industry experts provided advanced insights to help any business get moving in a successful direction. See their tips and the variables they consider when planning content with SEO, mobile, eCommerce, publishing, PR, social, and video in mind.
This is the second article in a series of guides for content specialists on how to write successfully both for people and search engines in 2017.
This Guide will provide you with all the knowledge and strategies you need to repurpose your content like a pro.
In this article, we collected a complete content optimization list. And step by step, we are going to explain how to make each detail of your article attractive to both users and search engines.
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