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Content Marketing

Looking to advance you content marketing output? Here you'll find expert advice on how to improve your content strategy: ideas for lead-generating content, tool overviews, content writing tips, on-page SEO checklists and a whole lot more.

Admit it: you’re getting downright cynical towards ads and advertising, aren’t you? Well, who can blame you? Ads rear their heads in every facet of our lives, make farcical claims and crowd everything else out. But endorsements from friends and family can reverse those feelings. This is why advertisers have begun using social media to peddle their wares.
Most folks assume promoting and marketing content to the top sites is something that’s done after its created and it hits the web. But seasoned writers know that you never create anything until you know how it’s going reach that wider audience—in this case, the top marketing sites. But contributing content and getting published on influential blogs, websites and online publications is always a part of life for bloggers and marketers.
Why does some content get attention while other content gets ignored? It could be that perfectly good information is getting left in the dust because it’s simply not fun. The good news is that there’s a smart way to make quizzes both useful to the audience and fun for them to take, which leads to a chain reaction of engagement, shares, and more engagement. Let’s look at some of the top reasons audiences engage with gamified content such as quizzes.
Video reviews are an excellent way to generate more traffic and increase conversions on your landing page. This blog post will look at the rise of video reviews and how you can use user generated content as a powerful marketing tool.
Underestimate the work of the technologist – that person who specializes in the confluence of technology, business opportunities, and people – in your social media activities, traditional ad campaigns or event planning, and you could see ROI start to slip.
User experience and content alignment have always mattered when it comes to great marketing, but it‘s now critical to organic search rankings. Stay ahead of the curve, and start optimizing your site for user intent now. Once you do, you‘ll be positioned to win the next frontier of search. Here‘s how.
Digital marketing continues to evolve. Strategies that were effective yesterday might not be so beneficial today. In the fast-changing online environment, it’s important for marketers to learn the right techniques to succeed.An effective digital marketing strategy is essential for any online business to take advantage of its many marketing opportunities.
Members of the millennial generation get a bad rap – but let’s give credit where credit is due. Millennials know their technology. They have a healthy distrust of people who try to tell them what to do. They cherish honesty and authenticity. And they’re savvy enough to know when they’re being advertised to – and how they can avoid it.
Data is the cornerstone of not just content marketing, but every other marketing strategy as well. It’s what separates us from those annoying door-to-door salesmen who rely on pure dumb luck to sell their products and services. Data has given us the luxury to actually craft well-educated messages that directly appeal to our prospect's pain points, needs and desires instead of gut-driven guesses. But data is just the cornerstone of every marketing strategy.
Guest posting is certainly NOT dead; but the link-building SEO concept behind it is. In the past, bloggers, businesses, and digital marketers abused this strategy, which led to former head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, to announce that guest blogging is done. So unless you’re into this sort of practice, Cutts encourages you to guest blog – as long as you use the opportunity to offer high-quality, informative content.
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