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Content Marketing

What is content marketing? How to start your first content marketing campaign? How can content and SEO work together? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your content strategy: ideas for lead-generating content, tool overviews, content writing tips, on-page SEO checklists and a lot more.

Hello, dear SEMrush Blog readers!Today we are going to talk about one of the fundamental SEO issues. How do you mix SEO and content marketing to prepare a perfect marketing dish? What are the main problems that face content marketers and SEO specialists when working together? And of those two, who is the irreplaceable member of the marketing team.
Everyone wants to get succeed with their blog, but few people know the “secret recipe.” Writing a great blog is one of those things that once you find your groove, you just don’t want to stop writing. However, all those great write-ups aren’t worth much if their visibility is poor. And this is one of the reasons why majority of the blogs fail; they think that SEO is no more important and “keyword research” is a waste of time.
Influencer marketing and blogger outreach are the biggest trends of online marketing in 2015. A whole industry has come to understand the power of online influencers to boost a brand’s PR and visibility.Many brands, nevertheless, fail to build constructive contacts with bloggers. How can you avoid their mistakes? Read on for five important rules!The Relationship Between Bloggers and BrandsSeeBloggers is one of the biggest conferences for bloggers in Europe.
Content is the engine that drives your website. From high traffic news sites and blogs to e-commerce product reviews and descriptions, the need to produce insightful, entertaining information is as great as the demand to access it.Everyone knows that delivering content is key for online success, but coming up with and managing content takes time and effort.Put in the time and strategize your approach to producing content.
Whether you own a huge e-business or a small local hotel website, you definitely want to get as many visitors to your website as possible. What can you do to increase traffic to your website? How should you conduct audience research? How do you gain traction in the short-term? Let’s discover some actionable tips and effective channels to drive traffic with our participants and special guest Felix Tarcomnicu @Felixtarcomnicu, entrepreneur and inbound marketer. 
It’s no secret that strong customer relationships are essential to business success. CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems, can be a helpful way to improve these relationships and stay organized, especially when running an e-commerce company. E-comms always have a diverse audience – sometimes they’re talking with the person in charge of purchasing, other times they’re talking to a middle-man, people are always at different points in the sales funnel, etc.
How often do you conduct a content audit? That question usually leads to squirming and overpromising on par with asking someone about their flossing habits. You know you should do it… but how often do you? Really? …Really?We took a survey in our recent content audit webinar with Moz, Wordstream, and Skyword (go to minute 13 for a shout out to SEMrush!), to help us get a sense of our collective content auditing habits.
This is my honor to share the interview of expert link builder Julie Joyce, Owner of Link Fish Media. Julie has been an inspiration to the many search marketers and link builders.
In 2013, lawmakers in the U.K. passed the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act. The controversial law shields content aggregators and archivists from costly legal repurcussions from authors of so-called "Orphan Works" if an unsuccessful "diligent search" was conducted in order to locate the original creator.The law is somewhat vague, however, in the language used to denote what exactly a "diligent search" entails.
“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.“ -Paul ValeryConsidering you’re doing basic SEO and branding right, it is safe to assume that a visitor on your blog — who goes on to convert to a regular reader — is basically looking to stay. Now it’s your job as a marketer to understand and anticipate that reason and provide value that encourages them to hang around.

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