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Content Marketing

Looking to advance you content marketing output? Here you'll find expert advice on how to improve your content strategy: ideas for lead-generating content, tool overviews, content writing tips, on-page SEO checklists and a whole lot more.

Hello SEMrush blog readers! We are very happy to share with you an interview with Harsh Agrawal, a young entrepreneur, the mastermind behind the world famous ShoutMeLoud blog and a super-affiliate in our BeRush Affiliate Program.In this interview, Harsh Agrawal shares his tips on blogging, digital marketing and affiliate marketing, so keep reading to get the scoop!
I remember my Digg days — back when folks used to have fun on Digg, consuming crazy content, getting into political debates, and experiencing that high when something they submitted "popped" to the front page.Back then, we were all looking for crazy content that could go viral and keep making that popping sound. "Pop!"
Be careful! This article is trapped. Once you start reading it, you'll be forced to finish it.Our brain is more responsive to specific types of articles more than others. I'll share ten tips to boost shares to make your content more interesting to your audience, boost its shares, and increase your content's reach. Here's why you absolutely need to tailor your content to your audience:- It's good for SEO. If people stay and share your content more, your positions get better.
Think of your online publishing content as a salad. If the only ingredient to that salad is lettuce, your dish will likely be one of the most ignored items on the menu.Diversity benefits all business situations, especially advertising, and this theory more than applies to publishers assessing their native advertising offerings. To grab and maintain interest, you need to make your native ads as diverse as the target audience you’re trying to reach.
As marketers, some of us often think that publishing lengthy blog posts or articles would work wonders for our site rankings. A more common notion is that the longer the post, the better its search ranking will be, according to serpIQ. The first two positions in Google have a combined average of more than 2,450 words on a page!
I sent an email to over 3,000 people. Of the 749 people who opened it, not a single one clicked through....That was the wake-up call.I opened up our reports in MailChimp, and here's what I saw:At Process Street, we're still in the early stages of developing our email marketing strategy, and I'm pretty new to marketing. I thought this was a good enough excuse for our metrics, but it turns out I just needed to change a few obvious things. 
Listen!Do you hear it?Listen closer.That sound? It’s the sound of your audience telling you what they want.What do they want? Listen closely, and you’ll find out.And when you listen, you suddenly have a plethora of content topics that can help you create expert pieces that your audience really wants to see.How can you really truly listen to your audience? Let’s take a look!
Content marketing is everywhere; you read it, you see it, you hear it.For anyone in the marketing field, the word “content” is unavoidable and content marketing is becoming more valuable to businesses. Creating content can be as simple as writing a blog post for your website or as difficult as writing in-depth, analytic papers for large corporations. Sharing content is completely different.
Blogging is always a challenging task from the perspective of promotion. There are a lot of things to keep in mind: content, search engine optimization, audience engagement and so on. While individual users are rarely concerned about achieving worldwide fame, for enterprises, blogging is a major marketing activity. Find all the blogging secrets shared by Kerry Butters, CEO of @markITwrite, author, tech and social media speaker and blogger.
Recently I met up with the store manager of a local cherry food retailer in Michigan. They had fantastic products, especially attractive for the fall season. We chatted a little and I asked them about their social media and content strategy. I did notice that the comfort that the manager had while talking about her favorite products was not reflected in our content and media conversation. And, it’s not uncommon.Most small businesses focus on products more than digital trends.
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