Content Marketing

What is content marketing? How to start your first content marketing campaign? How can content and SEO work together? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your content strategy: ideas for lead-generating content, tool overviews, content writing tips, on-page SEO checklists and a lot more.

Beginning your blog can feel daunting. (Who knew that beginning a blog for your business means you're going to have to dust off your writing skills?) Creating valuable content on your blog can expand your reach, attract your ideal clients and customers, get you the recognition you crave and increase your bottom line. So why wouldn’t you do it?Because you don’t know where to start.Let's fix that!
If you know anything about dating, you know that first impressions can mean the difference between a second look and no chance in hell. Nothing can cut a potential relationship short more quickly than a bad pick-up line or poor table manners.In that regard, online publishing is similar to dating. While you’re probably not trying to romance editors, you are trying to establish good rapport so you can stand out, especially as everyone scrambles for a piece of the content pie.
The way I see it, there are two overall strategies when it comes to content marketing.The first is to create content about yourself, your business and your industry in an effort to educate your target audience on all of these things. The second is to create content that is catered to your target audience that doesn’t necessarily have much to do with you at all in an effort to build an audience of your own that you can reach at any time.
What comes to mind when developing a content marketing plan? If you’re like most companies, it’s a combination of trying to answer two key questions:Who will write my content?How will I generate leads from the content I create?While I could suggest the traditional route of creating frequent, high quality, long-form content with actionable advice, I’m going to take you down another road.Those elements are still very much in play, but everyone likes a twist; don’t you think?
Managing your social media can be a hard job, especially when you’re bogged down with deadlines, high KPIs and all those other things that can kill your creativity. But still, you must produce posts that are effective — and by that I mean interesting, catchy, fresh, easy-to-read and shareable.The good news is after you work as a community manager for a while, you learn little tips and tricks to help you promote content. One of the most important parts of a great post for social media.
Ever wonder what happens online every 60 seconds? You'd be amazed how online users create and consume content.Creation and consumption of content are what make digital work. Digital marketers have been seeing the lost opportunity in content marketing; but it's not enough to make articles, come up with an infographic or share great stuff online. Content marketing is all about telling stories.
I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a Google Hangout with Christopher Gaudreau, host of The Content Show. Chris and I had a great conversation about SEMrush, the current state of content marketing, and what might lie ahead for the industry.Below are some of the questions Chris asked as well as my answers.Thanks again to Chris for the invitation!
There are many reasons to love content marketing. There’s the audience engagement and sharing potential. There are the SEO benefits, and the reduced marketing costs.And then there is the work.Despite all the benefits of content marketing, there’s no denying it’s a lot of work. Creating content takes time and requires a well-thought out strategy behind it to work. Part of that strategy is figuring out which content vehicles — or formats — are most effective.
Have you ever had an interview that was really uncomfortable? You know, the interview during which everyone fired questions at you and watched with blank expressions as you squirmed in your seat. The interview where it wasn’t just your suit that was making you sweat and you couldn’t wait to get away.On the flip side, have you ever had an interview that went just swimmingly? The interview where you walked in the room and instantly relaxed because everyone smiled and joked with you.
 We can all think of brands that continue to excel in their content marketing efforts, providing a robust example for the rest of us to follow. Just as surely, we can probably think of some brands that have tried their hand at content marketing but then failed — either posting without ever making an impact, or simply allowing their posts to fizzle out and cease altogether. (Some of us may even have been involved with companies in this latter camp.