Content marketing is a crucial part of any digital strategy. Get expert advice on performing content audits, choosing what type of content to produce, and promoting content so that it delivers.
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Key Steps to Content Marketing in a Foreign Language
Content Writing Bootcamp


17 min read

Content Writing Bootcamp #Semrushchat Recap

Content marketing may seem easy at a glance, but there is a lot that goes into it. Your writing needs to be strong, your topics need to be stellar, and your understanding of how to repurpose and utilize your best content needs to be solid. These are all distinct skills that are separate from the others but still necessary to achieve your content writing goals.
Maria KalyadinaFeb 19, 2018
Your Content Marketing Strategy: B2B vs. B2C


3 min read

Your Content Marketing Strategy: B2B vs. B2C

Content marketing strategy within the world of digital has not been treated as a separate process but a mere marketing tool for quite some time. And since B2B and B2C businesses have quite different business goals, their content strategies should also vary. We will look at how B2Bs’ and B2Cs’ content marketing approaches differ.
Meri ChobanyanNov 17, 2016
Helpful Tools for the Day-to-Day Content Marketer


10 min read

15 Easy-To-Use, Super Helpful Tools for the Day-to-Day Content Marketer

Busy online marketers: ever sit down in front of your computer screen just wishing there was an easier way to do the common, everyday tasks involved in content marketing?From coming up with amazing ideas to top quality writing, you know by now there is a great deal that goes into today’s necessities that make up great content marketing.
Julia McCoyAug 30, 2016
Modern Rules of Content Marketing


5 min read

7 Modern Rules of Content Marketing

Why is content marketing so important? Why do expert marketers suggest using content marketing for both startups and well-established businesses? Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate quality leads and increase audience engagement, sales, and business growth. That‘s a fact. Here are seven brands who are successfully using modern rules of content marketing.
Umesh SinghApr 27, 2016
Google Analytics To Improve Your Content Strategy