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Whether you are in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content or the PR field, SEMrush has the expert tools to take your strategy to the next level. Discover SEMrush today and learn how to get the very best out of your toolkit.

This checklist offers a straightforward process that anyone can use to start building master lists of target keywords in any market or niche. Use this approach on SEMrush to find valuable keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns.
Knowing everything your purchase includes is very important for you to be able to make full use of your product. You wouldn’t want to buy a car without knowing all of the features it offers and how they work, right? Same thing goes with your SEMrush account. By understanding exactly what your SEMrush account comes with and its capabilities, you will be able to take stronger hold of the data we offer.
In today‘s world of SEO, mobile search results continue to factor in to your SEO optimization in a huge way. Being able to understand how mobile search results differ from desktop results can help you get a leg up on your competition. SEMrush gives you the chance to review both your mobile and desktop reports and help you to understand the difference and benefits of the two.
Most users familiar with SEMrush know that when you wish to export a particular report, you have to receive all of the results, rather than the select few results you would like to actually have exported. You would go to type in a competitor, click on the Organic Positions report and notice only a select amount of keywords you would actually like exported. These could be keywords you wish to research further or keywords you wish to keep your eye on moving forward. Well I have great news.
The main goal of the SEMrush Competitive Positioning Map is to provide users with a great visual representation of where a queried website stands amongst its competitors. This map can uncover particular competitors that you may not have been aware of.

How SEMrush helps

Learn how to optimize every step of your workflow, from strategy planning to results reporting.

We all have heard the term of people “creeping” on other people’s profiles whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. This has become more common as people are always looking to find out more information about people than what they already know. Maybe you want to know who your ex has been hanging out with or maybe just to see what kind of person a certain individual portrays in their profile. When if you could apply this same concept to your competitors.
Here at SEMrush, our main focus is to provide you with competitive intelligence. The possibilities of what you can achieve with our data are endless. For many SEO specialists out there, obtaining potential leads is a huge focus point. As SEO specialists, you are always looking to add more clients. You may have a certain way of finding these new leads by either networking or referrals. However, there are other methods to obtain this information through competitive intelligence.
You will always have competitors that you will be looking to track and monitor as you move along in your SEO campaign, some closer than others. You want to see what your competitors are doing to raise their rankings and what changes they are implementing to cause this result.
When it comes down to getting your business recognized, you have to establish your presence and put the necessary steps in motion to establish your credibility and future success. The way you establish yourself online is through your SEO strategy. In order to build a successful SEO strategy, you need to focus on one thing: Keywords.By focusing on certain keywords you would like to rank for organically, you are telling your audience you are knowledgeable in that area.
If you have used SEMrush, then you are familiar with what screen you see when searching a domain. But do you really know what it means?The best way to find any information on a domain would be to enter it into the search bar and then press “Search.” But once you do so, you will immediately be presented with all of the data we have on the particular domain. This may be overwhelming to you at first. This is a vast amount of information to take in all at once.

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