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Display Advertising Stats: Semrush StudySemrush has conducted the first display advertising study for ecommerce businesses on the market. Research is based on over 40 million impressions from the top Google Display Network (GDN) ecommerce advertisers, and 23 million impressions from the top GDN ecommerce publishers. We have uncovered insights you need, so keep reading.
Elizaveta ShutovaMay 03, 2019
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Display Advertising Stats

Display Advertising Stats 2017: Semrush Study

The desktop is dead, the leaderboard is the king: Semrush has conducted its first display advertising study pulling together information on over 2 billion impressions. As a result, we identified several interesting trends and patterns that will help advertising specialists make more data-driven decisions in their upcoming GDN campaigns.
Julia OlennikovaSep 13, 2017
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