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Whether you’re running a full time business or are just interested in listing a few items to make some extra cash, eBay, Amazon and Craigslist all offer easy access to people who want to buy. However, what many companies forget is that these platforms are also search engines, which means they need optimization if you want to see the full benefits.
If you're like most online merchants, you haven't paid a whole lot of attention to EMV chip card technology. After all, it's not something that will directly impact your online business, right? Sorry to break it to you, but you're likely very wrong on that count and it's predictable that online fraudulent charges will skyrocket after the October 1st EMV chip card deadline.What Is EMV Technology?EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa.
Companies with global aspirations need to address China and her biggest search engine. Baidu's increasingly varied and sophisticated offerings allow us to gain a glimpse into the priorities and thought processes around search in China. Through an in-depth look at Baidu's Webmaster Tools, we'll learn what we can about SEO for Baidu at a strategic level, whether it is an emphasis on user trust, content freshness or any other myriad factors.
Truly great marketing lies in understanding how and why people behave the way they do. Without knowing who your audience is and what motivates them to act, you’ll have a much more difficult time selling your products and services. Selling is about more than creating a product or a service that meets a need; it’s about using marketing psychology and behavioral economics to attract more prospects, convince them to use what your company has to offer and convert them into paying customers.
Last week, we looked at personal and business branding and USPs, SEMrush tips and tricks, Apple events, Facebook ads and e-comm conversions.Did you miss any of this content? Read on!
When it comes to e-commerce, the small details matter. Whether it’s the product description, the images or the placement of the “buy” button, there are seemingly endless ways to optimize your customer experience, improve your SEO and increase conversions. At Connexity, we’ve spent decades helping retailers improve online sales.Here are our top 10 tips to start boosting revenue immediately.
Business owners, especially those who have just started their business, are always looking for the best and quickest way to increase business without emptying out the bank account. Faced with a variety of channels to market their business, it’s often difficult and confusing to make the right choice.In my experience as a marketer, most business owners have a love or hate relationship with pay-per-click (PPC). Many clients I work with come to our agency convinced that they need to do PPC.
B2B content has the unfortunate responsibility to be both interesting enough to grab attention, yet useful enough to drive some business KPIs.While most consumer-facing companies can get by purely on entertainment alone, B2B companies have to stick with some fact-based information to be able to persuade and eventually get their readers to take action.And therein lies the problem.
Have you noticed that when you look for *places to go on holiday* you start seeing flight offers, articles on travel destinations pop up in your feed, and Spanish language courses are suddenly all around your digital world?(Change the sentence between the * * and you’ll get the same effect with different results).This somewhat marvelous effect is the evolution of mobile advertising.
An e-commerce site is definitely complicated. It is not easy to design the site and various things have to be taken into account. Obviously, there are some platforms that can be used in order to make everything simpler, but modifications are still needed.The main goal of an e-commerce site is always to make more sales. In order to do that, you have to avoid the mistakes that others make. This is what we will stay focused on below.