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Data and analytics don’t just make for smarter business strategies; they take the subjectivity out of an issue, allowing an entire organization or team of people to tackle a goal with objectivity at the helm.This type of approach is useful for all aspects of a business, but can seriously aid e-commerce sites when it comes to keyword research. SEO is ever-changing, as companies like Google manipulate their search engine algorithms to deliver the highest possible quality results.
 Shopify has come a long way since its humble beginnings nine years ago. Shopify now boasts over 100,000 stores across the world as well as in-store payment capabilities to fuse your brick and mortar store with the power and flexibility of Shopify's online platform.If you're taking the entrepreneurial plunge into running an e-commerce store solo, Shopify is a wise choice. Shopify's platform has lots of built-in features to handle inventory management, SEO, tracking and lots more.
You have just completed your product and released it into the wild. You feel a masterpiece has truly been birthed and your PayPal is going to go wild with notifications of purchases.It’s midnight and you can finally sleep. Anticipation awaits; you’re going to be a different man when you wake up. Your head hits the pillow. The day of your dreams will soon arrive…Your phone goes off and you wake up. It’s 7 a.m. Swiftly, you snatch up your phone to look at sales. You’ve got nothing.
One of my all-time favorite commercials was Electronic Data Systems’ "Cat Herders" from Superbowl XXXIV. Though it’s 15 years old, the commercial is still relevant. Today, digital marketers commonly refer to themselves as "cat herders," and for good reason.No matter how well we light the path, online visitors still dart in every direction — seemingly at random. Clicking elements with no links. Getting distracted by almost anything. Screwing up the simplest form fields.
 In the end, great visibility and traffic won’t get you very far if you’re not earning the revenue you need to keep you going. Unfortunately, too many companies focus on traffic and simply assume this will mean revenue.While this may very well be true to a certain extent, it’s important to always keep your end goal in mind, and worrying about traffic shouldn’t be your stopping point. There are other ways to increase revenue that also need your time.Think of it like a diet.
 With everyone getting into online sales, a user-friendly e-commerce site is a crucial investment that will keep your web presence strong and profitable.Check out these 15 tips to make you e-comm site more appealing to visitors.
 "Big Data" is, and will continue to be, the buzzword for marketers everywhere.While talking about big data is all well and good, having actionable data and insights is the key to success. Data for data’s sake isn’t going to get you anywhere; using data to make the business case to your CEO, inform your marketing strategy or acquire the right type of customers is the key.
If you have an e-commerce business selling specialty products, finding and attracting your target audience to your website can be tricky. Factors driving your customers’ motivations might include product features, exclusivity, convenience, customer service and/or a cause associated with your offerings (such as going green or fair trade).
What if I told you I could double or even triple your e-commerce and lead generation conversion rates almost overnight?These are not by any means basic or rudimentary principles, but rather a set of proven conversion rate optimization best practices you can apply to almost any marketing initiative. Especially online marketing.Here are my five tips for optimal CRO.
Research firm eMarketer forecasted the growth of e-commerce sites in the coming years. Their prediction? E-commerce sites will grow 16.4 percent year-over-year, and by 2017, a compound growth rate will rise up to 13.8 percent.This type of research only shows there will be many brands that invest in the creation of e-commerce websites, or improve their online marketing campaigns for already existing B2C websites.