If you have an e-commerce business selling specialty products, finding and attracting your target audience to your website can be tricky. Factors driving your customers’ motivations might include product features, exclusivity, convenience, customer service and/or a cause associated with your offerings (such as going green or fair trade).
What if I told you I could double or even triple your e-commerce and lead generation conversion rates almost overnight?These are not by any means basic or rudimentary principles, but rather a set of proven conversion rate optimization best practices you can apply to almost any marketing initiative. Especially online marketing.Here are my five tips for optimal CRO.
Research firm eMarketer forecasted the growth of e-commerce sites in the coming years. Their prediction? E-commerce sites will grow 16.4 percent year-over-year, and by 2017, a compound growth rate will rise up to 13.8 percent.This type of research only shows there will be many brands that invest in the creation of e-commerce websites, or improve their online marketing campaigns for already existing B2C websites.
Customer service has become a key factor in the online shopping experience, particularly as retailers can no longer compete on price and selection alone. In recognition of that fact, Google and other shopping engines including PriceGrabber have begun to give consumers easier access to customer service performance data in order to create a more transparent online shopping experience.
A lot has been written about conversion optimization in the past few years. The importance of A/B testing and optimizing websites has become clearer and has never been more interesting. As many companies add conversion optimization methods into their routine marketing efforts we see an increase in many tests and a decrease in their analysis.A recent study by Adobe showed 40 percent of marketers say they see positive results while A/B testing.
Panda and Penguin updates and penalties are probably the least understood areas of SEO. They are of particular importance to anyone running an e-commerce website.In this article, I'll go over a few changes I made to an old e-commerce site of mine called My Baby Shower Favors, and how it resulted in a 380 percent increase in search traffic.