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To improve your keyword research strategy in the upcoming year, check out the following recap of our SEMrush Chat. Our chat guests discussed how to master various keyword research challenges in 2017.
The average abandonment rate is 68% due to increased competition between e-commerce outlets. Brands should have a very serious approach when dealing with it. We‘ll discuss the key reasons behind surging rate of cart abandonment and how to lower that rate in 2017.
Rich snippets are a sure-fire way of increasing your site‘s SERPs. The one thing — you need to know how to install/implement them on your site. Read on to learn more about “Products“ rich snippets.
The potential for driving business growth via shoppable social posts is downright colossal, and there are already several viable options for getting started with integrating your store with your social media posts. Here are five ways in which you can drive holiday sales online with social commerce.
Here are 10 tried-and-true ways to reduce cart abandonment and recapture those customers before they’re long gone from your e-commerce store.
Is brand loyalty dead? Using our insight piece produced for Pizza Express, Wonderful Creative Agency have put together this infographic with 7 Ways to increase brand loyalty using M-Commerce.
Most websites are good at explaining what they do. Some are good at explaining who it’s for and why they need it. Rarely, however, do websites demonstrate content around the situations their users are in. Learn how to take advantage here!
Learn how to setup an e-commerce store on your website.
Triggered email campaigns help your business engage with prospects and customers based on their activity and behavior. These campaigns help you customize the messaging for the particular situation and customer, helping you to bring out the best results from communicating with your target audience.
All e-commerce websites face different challenges, but these are the three main mistakes e-commerce sites make.