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Digital marketing continues to evolve. Strategies that were effective yesterday might not be so beneficial today. In the fast-changing online environment, it’s important for marketers to learn the right techniques to succeed.An effective digital marketing strategy is essential for any online business to take advantage of its many marketing opportunities.
Social commerce is one of the most important areas of investment this year. Find out what Pinterest, Facebook and Polyvore do to capture their audiences and sell retail online.
According to recent reports, retail revenue from Google Shopping grew 52 per cent year-on-year in Q1 of 2016. So how, exactly, is that not working for e-commerce retailers? Of course, it’s undeniable that Google Shopping is turning into an enormous beast. But it’s also true that, from many retailers’ point of view, there is still so much more to do: more feeds and ads to optimize, more conversion rates to increase, more revenue to generate. There are many reasons for this.
You know that retargeting works, but not for everyone. Tom Bukevicius will go through, point-by-point how to make it work for you.
Content marketing is a remedy to “advertising deafness.” Sellers use it to form loyal audiences, in addition to engaging customers to interact and arrange deals and to be seem by the search engine crawlers that can determine your long term traffic numbers. How does it work in practice?
On-page website surveys are exactly what they sound like: surveys that ask people questions while they’re on a website. These surveys ask consumers questions about current issues and problems they are experiencing while they are using a specific website, so it can be a much more reliable method than asking people to recall past experiences after they’ve already used and left the site.
Hard to believe, but consumers are no longer Googling their product searches – they’re Amazoning them. Yes, the Seattle-based titan has discovered all kinds of schemes to pull us into their e-commerce orbit. But Amazon’s trajectory to becoming the top search engine for consumers didn’t happen by accident. It began with a business plan and steady, solid, methodical decision-making based on digital marketing technology.
This time, we decided to test a completely new format for our SEMrush Chat. We analyzed an actual online store in real-time together with our chat participants! If you want to learn how to improve your e-commerce website’s performance and achieve online success using this example, check out the recap!
We organized an online session with some of the conference speakers, inviting Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Jim Stewart and Jim Banks to share sneak peeks of their speeches as well as their favorite e-commerce tips, and conduct a real-time analysis of an e-commerce website.
There is so much negative information regarding SEO that when it comes to the big box retailers, it can be difficult to understand how to outrank them. There are so many gloomy articles covering how Google favors the big companies, and that can't be farther from the truth. This article will explain why it's easier for smaller websites to outrank larger websites in search results, and put to rest the notion that Google favors the big box retailers.

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