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2015 was a great year for Magento and for Meet Magento conferences alike. From the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Russia to Germany, Romania, Belarus and many more, thousands of developers, business owners and managers, marketers and Magento enthusiasts have attended Meet Magento conferences worldwide in an effort to consolidate a truly amazing community of e-commerce specialists driven by self-improvement through knowledge-sharing.
What was the last thing you searched for?Our everyday lives are made up of questions. So many in fact, that you may not even register the process of answering a question half of the time – but there is a process.You answer a person’s question based off of relevance, context and significance: who they are, what they asked, when they asked it, where they asked it, and how they asked it.
Google Analytics can be mind-boggling, even if you are only managing a website of few pages. Unending features, dropdowns, and filters make the task of analyzing traffic and site metrics challenging, especially for newbies. So, you can very well imagine what entrepreneurs who launch e-commerce stores with thousands of product pages go through while working with Analytics.Sure, there are beginner guides on e-commerce Analytics, but most are either too technical in nature or too lengthy.
Conversion rate optimization is a mandatory procedure for companies that aim to be the best player in their industry and stand out from the crowded eCommerce market. Even though we first heard of conversion rate optimization back in 2007, it’s benefits only became popular in the last three years. It’s a digital marketing trend that will certainly be on the “what’s hot.
We’re already in the last month of 2015 – can you believe it?But you know what’s even more surprising? You’ve still not launched a digital product yet despite knowing more about your field (think SEO, SEM, Content Marketing etc.) than most other people in this world.But here’s the good news – you still have time to cash in.In fact, 2016 might just be one of the best years ever to launch an eBook, a video course, a training program or any other form of digital product.
User experience (or UX) has become a buzzword for digital marketers over the past few years. E-commerce and targeted campaigns have revolutionized the way audiences look at and evaluate websites and conditioned them to prefer websites that are a pleasure to visit. Consequently, websites with a high-quality user interface (UI) will drive more conversions.Is there any way a well-thought-out UX can affect search engine optimization (SEO).
Email marketing feels like one of those vestigial parts of the Internet that hasn’t changed much over the years.Think about it: even though the Web (and how we use it) evolves on a practically constant basis, all of us are intimately familiar with “email blasts”—those one-size-fits-all messages that don’t give us even the illusion of a personal touch.
If B2B customers are from Mars, B2C customers are from Venus. With marketers crying hoarse about customer focused design, it should be glaringly obvious that B2B and B2C websites should be designed differently. First, a few key differences between B2B and B2C businesses and their customers.Buying BehaviorTypically B2C has a much simpler buying process than B2B. B2C customers take a much shorter time to transition from interest to information and comparison, to the decision to buy.
Whether you’re outsourcing or managing SEM campaigns, especially in the e-commerce world, you constantly face the challenge of directing your traffic to the right place.Unlike other sites, an e-commerce site usually offers more than one product and category. Therefore, as you well know, it becomes more challenging to lead users through the right funnel and to the designated product page.
It‘s coming up fast! You are trying to get everything ready in time for when the sales start on Monday. Once the clock hits 12, people will be rushing to their computers in order to get the hottest deals. If you are an e-commerce company, you are most likely trying to find the best way to stick out from your competitors and have people click over to your website. But how can you get an upper edge on your competitors for all of your products.