Besides working on a world-leading online marketing service, here at SEMrush we also focus greatly on offline marketing events. We believe that offline networking is a perfect chance to learn from the leading industry experts and meet fellow marketers. Stay tuned and we’ll introduce you to the world of the most prominent events. Check out our most accurate and up-to-date digital marketing events calendar!

Built around the idea that stories not only retell and reimagine important moments but, more importantly, they shape us and reshape the world around us, The Power of Storytelling is a one-of-a-kind conference in Eastern Europe that brings together accomplished storytellers from a multitude of industries.This year, I had the pleasure of taking part in the story unfolding in Cluj-Napoca, as narrated by five incredibly talented speakers.
This week, SEMrush attended Conductor's C3 event in New York. This event thematically examined the issue of consumer control in marketing. From ad blockers to bypassing Google in favor of Amazon's own search engine, it's evident how the future of digital marketing faces challenges along with change.Conductor's format included 3-4 concurrent breakout sessions framed by keynote speakers: Seth Besmertnik, Wil Reynolds, Tiki Barber and Joe Pulizzi.
Focusing on the eCommerce ecosystem and having the Magento platform at its core, Meet Magento is a leading series of worldwide conferences covering everything from the technical aspects of working with Magento, to the business and marketing challenges faced by professionals in the e-commerce industry.
Last week, I was lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con (NYCC) with a press pass. During the event, I observed a great deal of networking habits and became very aware of my own strengths and weaknesses.I've attended other events like New York Comic Con as press, fan, panelist and vendor/exhibitor, and having multiple perspectives on the tensions and opportunities of networking at a large event has helped me adapt in many networking situations.
SEMrush will appear at ASCEND 2015 Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia, PA from Oct. 18-20 at the Rittenhouse Hotel. ASCEND offers two days of energizing talks and inspiring keynotes on multi-platform content strategy, conversion optimization, SEO and more.SEMrush Director of Marketing Michael Stricker is the Master of Ceremony for day one of the summit (Oct. 19). Stricker will announce the lucky winner of a six month SEMrush Business Plan.
Google has officially unveiled its new gadgets and new updates in time for the holiday season. The search engine giant has introduced some of the coolest innovations in the new products and services. It was a glitzy event as it is every year, as many analysts and techie professionals attended the recent Google Nexus Event. Here is a peek into some of the announcements made by Google.
Ray Kroc, one of the original cofounders of McDonald‘s, famously said:“The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.”After experiencing my share of failures, setbacks, and successes as a digital marketing strategist, if I could add one thing to Ray’s statement it would be, “…with the right person!“But, how do you find the right person.
SEMrush is happy to announce that we are a major Gold Sponsor for Pubcon Las Vegas 2015!"We’re thrilled to have SEMrush as the newest Gold Sponsor for Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 this October 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center," Pubcon founder and chief executive Brett Tabke said.
 The SEJ Summit 2015 packed a bunch of information into eight short sessions, with ample time for food and networking. Hosted by Searchmetrics, the event featured experts on content marketing, branding and advertising. Each session ended with a few key takeaways.
Hello, everybody!The day of the BrightonSEO conference, the biggest and one of the best marketing conferences in the UK, is always busy, intense, super informative and fun. Too bad it’s over now! The SEMrush team is overrun with emotions – happy about connecting with a lot of new people and full of new knowledge. And we feel like it would be such a waste not to share all of our impressions with you right away! Here are the best takeaways and the brightest moments of BrightonSEO...