Besides working on a world-leading online marketing service, here at SEMrush we also focus greatly on offline marketing events. We believe that offline networking is a perfect chance to learn from the leading industry experts and meet fellow marketers. Stay tuned and we’ll introduce you to the world of the most prominent events. Check out our most accurate and up-to-date digital marketing events calendar!

After years of attending various marketing conferences, I decided to invite one of my long-time clients along with me. It ended up being so incredibly valuable to our work relationship that when the next conference came along, I invited another client. And then one I was still in conversations with.
Most of what is involved in improving brand reputation comes at a cost. Whether it’s SEO or PPC or advertisements and sponsorships offline, you’re going to need to have a strategy in place and set aside a little bit of your budget. Speaking at conferences, however, is a little bit different. Those who speak at conferences usually get a free pass to the conference, and giving a presentation doesn’t cost a thing.You see where I’m going with this.
Sep. 9 might be the date again for the biggest launches of the year – It is time to get excited about Apple again!Buzzfeed reported that Apple will hold the product launch in the week of Sep. 7 and would be aligned with previous Apple's strategies when they released the iPhone 6 last year. Its larger sibling, the 6 Plus, has posted the record of being one of the best-selling devices ever and the company is now the most profitable public company worldwide.
Winter is coming – and event season is coming with it. The benefits off offline events are obvious, so we won't focus on those today. Instead we’re going to talk about how to get the most out of offline event participation.Kelvin Newman, Organizer of BrightonSEO, Director at SiteVisibility & Host of the Internet Marketing Podcast – and a hundred of our participants – got a sneak peek at what's coming at BrightonSEO and share the best conference tips and takeaways.
Social media has had a dramatic impact on the evolution of event marketing.Marketers can more easily than ever, promote events across social platforms, connect with delegates – and connect delegates with each other via event pages and forums, harness the power of event hashtags, and create and share post-event summary content.It’s always interesting to see how creative event organizers can be with their approach to social media.
There are social media and digital marketing events every weekend of the year, and in May...up to 30 events per weekend. There is no lack of learning, networking and growing for sure.But going to conferences can hurt your business as easily as they can help it. Your business deserves your focus and your good decision making. So let's walk through six critical mindset factors to turn the event into a success.
SEMrush is returning to ClickZ Live in San Francisco on August 11-12 at the Hotel Nikko and we'd LOVE to see you there!In fact, we want our community there so much, we're willing to pick up the tab for part of your ticket!!!
This past week I had the great privilege of attending the BlogHer Conference in NYC. I attended the event — hosted by BlogHer and She Knows Media — with members of the [email protected] team.#BlogHer15 is the largest blogging conference for female content creators. It highlighted the power of women in business, and fueled creativity by presenting stories, lessons learned and tips and advice from great minds in the industry.
Conference season is well underway. This time of year entails traveling, networking, learning and a whole lotta swag.Before this job, I worked in healthcare communications for three years. During that time I represented my former company at 13 industry conferences across the U.S., from National Harbor, Maryland to Long Beach, California. I also worked as a brand rep at local shows and events in the Philly area.
At SEMrush, we always aim to expand our horizons and try new things. Last month, we stepped out into new territory and tried our hands at conference organizing.On the first day of the Web Marketing Festival, an annual digital marketing conference organized by GT Idea (June 19-20 in Rimini, Italy), SEMrush conducted a special event – the SEMrush International Track.