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Curious about how to use an SEMrush tool, improve your PPC campaign, or use SEO to optimize your email marketing? Look no further! Our how-to category has tons of helpful content.

SEMrush is a tool I use on a daily basis to analyze a website before consulting with the business owner. As you already know, there are a plethora of tools that help qualified, experienced search marketing consultants show business prospects the overall performance and outlining factors as to why a website does or does not rank well.SEMrush is my favorite, and I want to show you how I use it to formulate a strategic plan of attack.
If you’ve ever played an organized sport, you may remember the days of sitting in a locker room staring at a chalkboard (just the pure thought of a chalkboard makes me cringe now) as your coach went over the game’s moments of strengths and weaknesses.I played basketball and my team wasn’t anything special. But I remember very vividly that if we forgot about the basic fundamentals of the game, nothing else would go our way.
We've all been there. You click on a link and wait expectantly for a website to load.You begin impatiently tapping your fingers on the desktop, and then you simply click back to your initial search results. Put it down to short attention spans, but when people click on a search result, they expect instant gratification.The longer a site takes to load, the more likely it is for someone to hit the back button and choose another link from the search results.
Crowdsourced content is one of the easiest to create given that it only requires one good topic, contributors, and minimal time for outreach and promotion.However, not all crowdsourced pieces can get the attention of its target audience. A few reasons why people are reluctant to promote an interview include a lack of interest, irrelevancy, and no relationship built between the content creator and target user.
Last week I delivered a speech at a large, local technology event. I was one of five speakers to address the crowd during the lightning talk session.What is a lightning talk? Generally speaking, it's a micro presentation or pitch of some sort to your audience.Organizers can choose different metrics, from time length to topic. The event I participated in was part of a week-long gathering for those in the tech and new media community.
The following Excel trick is best used when you have data located inside of your URLs. This happens a lot when you have an e-commerce website that generates dynamic confirmation URLs after a purchase is made.In one particular case, one of our clients reached out to us hoping to find a PPC management company.
There are literally hundreds of new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) coming out, which are equivalent of what a lot of us are used to seeing, .com, .net and .org. This means you'll be able to own one of these gTLDs, and use it as a website and email address just like any other domain name.For example, some of the popular gTLDs that are already in use are .guru, .photography, .recipes and .plumbing.
The title comes from Ben Franklin and was reportedly said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He is reminding his rebellious colleagues that they must set aside differences in the face of a common enemy (hang together in their common cause) or they will fail and perish (hang as traitors separately).
Way back when we were still calling social media “Web 2.0,” I predicted that social sites might take the lead in search. I imagined it would be people choosing results, not search bots. Of course, that didn’t happen.Still, social media is extremely important in search. Your participation, your engagement factor, and your likes, shares and retweets are all important these days, and they are factors that decide where your site will land in the SERPs (search engine results pages).
Business apps can be the way to go, especially since more people are accessing businesses using mobile apps today. However, it won't do much good for you to have an app if you don't promote it.So, how should you promote your app to your audience and to potential customers?