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Recently, a good friend asked me to help with a website he managed for a major brand. He mentioned the website used to generate significant traffic and revenue; however, over the past few years it dried up. Specifically from the organic channel. He lamented to me that his team was never able to get their heads around what caused the drops.So, what happened?
In yesterday's post, we discussed how to use SEMrush to identify the SEO champion in your industry and how to write compelling content. Today, we'll discuss how to make that content SEO-friendly and share it across different platforms.This is Part Two of "How to Use SEMrush to Dominate the Search Engines."
For many, the task of dominating their online industry via search engine optimization without a SEO company remains mysterious. Can it still be done Post-Penguin? Post-Hummingbird? If so, how do the SEO experts accomplish it in this new day and age?Just like a handy man, you are only as good as the tools you use. An experienced SEO marketer has a handful of tools at his/her disposal depending on the mission.
I love guest blogging. After 12+ years doing website and web marketing, I can honestly say it’s easily the most fun I’ve had. It’s creative, it’s collaborative and it’s effective.There are three main reasons I guest blog: search benefits, social media benefits and branding. To attain these benefits, it’s ideal if the host blog meets three criteria. 
Anyone who has ever dabbled in any link building efforts is keenly aware that the easiest way to generate links organically is to publish unique and interesting content that others want to share with their readers. Yet, many site owners and bloggers are at a loss for an inexpensive method of creating truly interesting data. They don't have the ability to break news on their own or spend vast sums of money to conduct research.
Today, we're going to break down the SEMrush URL Organic Positions Report.     
2014 is going to be an exciting year for SEOs. After Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, SEOs were forced away from many old link building habits and into the creative world of quality content.The Hummingbird update reinforced this transition from building links to earning links through creating good content and becoming an authority.Last year, infographics, videos, blog posts and web graphics took center stage to garner links.
Infographics are one of the best white hat ways to gain a great amount of backlinks to your site. They could go viral and bring a good amount of traffic to your website with just some basic infographic marketing tactics. Though, chances are, they won’t be able to gain even half the amount of links they possibly could have unless you leveraged some techniques specifically crafted for getting powerful links.
I am tempted to think that the arrival of Ray Kurzweil and his singular focus on the Singularity is what brought out the “sensitive New Age geek” in Google. However, the touchy feely user experienced-focused Search Borg came on the scene long before Ray took the position of Director of Engineering at Google with a project to teach computers to write poetry. If nothing else, we will have something to look forward to at poetry slams.
As many of you know, SEMrush features video tutorials on our website and SEOQuakeTeam YouTube page. After receiving some feedback, we discovered users would also like a text script and screenshots to accompany these videos. So, here you go!Here is the first in the series: Domain vs. Domain Report.