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Curious about how to use an SEMrush tool, improve your PPC campaign, or use SEO to optimize your email marketing? Look no further! Our how-to category has tons of helpful content.

If you are the in-house marketing manager on the receiving end of a conversation with your company’s hired search marketing agency, you have probably been told you need to invest in the almighty, ambiguous “content.”Even more so, you have most likely been told that in order to successfully connect with consumers, you need to create and publish content that offers “how-to” advice or “top 10” lists.
If your business demands in-store traffic, SEO on a large, global scale is fine. But you really need to be found in many other places.Local search is not about traditional Google or Bing 10 blue link search results. It's searches made with a specific geographic area as part of the intent. Local search is about being found in multiple apps across multiple platforms from mobile to table to desktop.
Search engines are constantly changing; it’s our job as SEOs to know what’s working and what isn’t.Not only does analyzing your inbound campaign tell your client how valuable your services are to his or her company, it can also help you determine how to improve your strategy.Here are five areas you should be analyzing.
Do you struggle with writing headlines? Whether it’s for a blog post, email subject line or the landing page of a website, a headline is your first chance to make an impression on your reader. If you can’t capture someone’s attention in just a few seconds, you’ve lost a reader and potential customer.Headlines help you develop a relationship with your prospect. They allow you to connect with the reader and show that you understand him. A good headline delivers a complete message.
Resource page link building had been a common link building strategy nowadays. Its value has become so appreciated by SEOs given that the link from an existing high-ranking page passes to the targeted page (where you get links to). The branded exposure of being included in a resource page is one of several benefits a content publisher could get from creating his own resource page.
First, Google gave us Penguin, the algorithm update that made all of us work harder and smarter to get good rankings on Google. And now, encrypted search, aka “keyword not provided,” is rapidly approaching the 100% mark.Essentially, Google is taking away all access to keyword data. If you’ve relied on keyword rankings to measure and prove your client’s SEO success, well, now you can’t.Hence, SEO has gone from complicated to ridiculously complicated.
At least once every six months for high-traffic websites and once a year for most other websites, I recommend you perform a search engine optimization audit.During an SEO audit, it's important to leave no stone unturned, and review all aspects and potential search engine ranking factors related to your website. Using SEMrush as a part of the data gathering phase of an SEO audit is key.
Still stuck on where to get content ideas for blog posts or social media posts? Well, last time I wrote about content ideas and how you can use SEMrush to find them. If you‘re already tapped out there, and can‘t find any more ideas for content, then you may want to try newsjacking. You can use to help you find content ideas (and monitor certain sites) for newsjacking..
The circus is coming to town. Really, my 7-year-old son mentioned to me that we went to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus last year, and he would like to go again this year. Well, that got me thinking: how can I use a tool such as SEMrush to search for circus tickets, especially since a friend of mine has a ticket website (and I just happen to be helping him with his content marketing efforts).
One common mistake many small business owners make when uploading videos to YouTube is failing to optimize them. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. There’s no sense going to all the trouble of recording a video for your business if no one’s going to find it. That’s just a waste of your time and money.In order to make your videos visible during a YouTube search, you need to start by doing some keyword research.