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This time, we decided to test a completely new format for our SEMrush Chat. We analyzed an actual online store in real-time together with our chat participants! If you want to learn how to improve your e-commerce website’s performance and achieve online success using this example, check out the recap!
In our latest SEMrush chat, we discussed tips and tricks that can help you convert your organic traffic with our chat participants and our special guest Angie Schottmuller, growth marketing advisor and speaker, Forbes Top 10 online marketer, and conversation optimization and ROI generator.
Do you suspect that your sales page leaves people cold? Do you think nobody’s reading your content – or, at the very least, they’re ignoring your Call to Action (CTA) buttons? Are the images on your website turning visitors off – or confusing them?
​​​​​​​I recently wrote an article about the best hidden features of the AdWords Editor. In this post, I have collected seven Google Analytics features that have surprised either myself, colleagues or clients upon discovery despite being deemed elementary features to others. Perhaps some of them are also unknown to you.
There’s still a lot of talk about the relationship between SEO and links. Some people say that they are inseparable when it comes to optimization, while others argue that link building has already lost the importance it once had for SEO. Indeed, after Google Penguin was released, it became very difficult to reach your SEO goals by simply building as many links as possible from various domains.
While the term “business intelligence” may seem like a buzzword to you, it’s an important topic that you can’t ignore. Bigger corporations and billion dollar businesses have been using business intelligence tools for years, but the trickle down effect now means small businesses have incredible access as well. If you want to remain competitive, it’s time that you make your own investment.
For anyone who is involved in online marketing, getting on the first page of Google is a complex task. Actually, there is no any secret formula that can bump your website up to the first positions in Google SERPs over night. The search engine updates its algorithms on a regular basis, trying to provide its users with the best results for their queries. Nevertheless, instead of struggling with Google, you can cooperate and collaborate with it.
Eli Wallach once said: “The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends”. Building a blog from scratch is an arduous task.  Most people believe that it can easily be done through hard work and dedication. While this is true, there is another important component you should consider – influencers. By connecting to highly respected individuals, you are able to tap into their vast audience, to get valuable insights regarding the industry and ultimately, to get some awesome links.
Data you can extract from Google Analytics can help you create a more engaging content, find out what topics and formats to focus on the most, identify elements of your strategy you should change or drop altogether and make more informed strategy decisions.
In our world of advanced technologies, new methods of information distribution are appearing one after another. Today, the number of podcasters is continually rising, which means that the level of competition between them is becoming increasingly intense. There is no need to say how difficult and time-consuming it is to put together a successful podcast that your audience will be attracted to. So, we decided to discuss techniques and strategies that can help you run a great podcast.