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You’re in a huge rush. Today will never end. It’s been sales meeting after sales meeting. Your last meeting just finished and now you’ve raced across town to the next one. You pull up to your prospect’s office and you have about 2 minutes before you have to go in. Time is moving forward too quick - you need this information fast and now.You open your laptop, connect to your smart phone’s wifi, and quickly review the client’s website so you don’t look like a fool in the meeting.
Hello SEMrush blog readers! We are very happy to share with you an interview with Harsh Agrawal, a young entrepreneur, the mastermind behind the world famous ShoutMeLoud blog and a super-affiliate in our BeRush Affiliate Program.In this interview, Harsh Agrawal shares his tips on blogging, digital marketing and affiliate marketing, so keep reading to get the scoop!
As marketers, we’re under constant pressure. We have to continuously improve engagement with the audience, spread the word on our brands, attract leads and convert them into customers. And achieve millions of other things, right? So, a while ago when looking for new ways to market SEMrush we decided to give webinars a chance and it was a great success.
With 1.4 million apps in the iOS app store alone, getting your app found and downloaded has never been harder. Just like how your website should be optimized for easy discovery in search engines (SEO), your app’s page on the app store needs to optimized regularly to keep it driving traffic to your app. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your mobile app so it ranks higher in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and is therefore easier to discover.
Blogs and websites live and die by their rankings on search engines like Google. To maintain these rankings, we tirelessly keep up with how to properly optimize our content and our sites. Every set of Google updates makes major changes to its algorithm, and these strategies change. We must change with them to avoid being swept into obscurity.Don’t worry, it’s not a horrible as it sounds.
I've never come across a supernatural presence in my personal life, but I have witnessed ample website and online marketing hauntings in the last decade. They are real, and these ghosts can do serious damage to your business and brand presence.Unlike real world ghosts, their online counterparts don’t make much noise and do their work quietly. By the time they are done, you are left disappointed and angry because of meager traffic, poor sales and low leads.
The Bing Ads iOS app started rolling out to global audiences in August. Now, using version 1.4 since 2nd October, the Bing Ads iOS app has been improved, but it remains useful as well as quick and easy to use. This is a guide on how to use the Bing Ads iOS app.
First and foremost, let me state on the record that SEMrush is not paying me to write this. As a contributor to their amazing and informative blog and active user of the product for over a year now, I’ve become an advocate.Here’s my story about how I’ve helped create a smarter sales team at my company by empowering them with [digital] knowledge and understanding.
One of the easiest ways to drive consistent marketing ideas is to simply follow trends as they happen. These can be global trends or spikes in popularity specific to your industry, but because there is a peak in interest and no one can predict these happenings, they represent new opportunities to reach customers.The only issue is that it’s hard to come up with great content around trends (especially since there’s no prior warning that they’re coming).
According to CustomShow, 63 percent of attendees remember stories. Only 5 percent remember statistics. These numbers speak volumes about the importance of content-rich business presentations. Not only do they impress decision makers and audiences, but they also elevate a company’s overall brand image. Now the question is: how do you break away from traditional PowerPoint designs and still deliver a power-packed presentation while keeping the SEO aspect intact.