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What’s your goal?...for your website, I mean.What is the purpose of your website and are you using landing pages to achieve your goal?Your goal may be; Generate Leads for your offline activities Sell a widget Deliver a software download Sell an online courseWhatever it is for you, there is the task of building leads, signups. We’ve got to offer our visitors a reason to engage with us and keep coming back. We’ve got to convince them we are a good fit for their needs.
When writing great content for a website or blog, there is always the question of how that content will be found. After all, the goal of having your content discovered, shared, and read is often directly linked to the investment and profit goals of a business. The more popular your blog becomes with your core audience, the higher the chances of those readers becoming dedicated followers and customers.
Nowadays, WordPress stands out as the most used CMS system in the world. There are millions of websites that use it. Because of the popularity of the platform, thousands of themes and plugins were created to help enhance the websites. While that is great, it can easily lead towards many problems as site owners try to do all that they can in order to enhance appearance. That can easily lead towards a decrease in site speed.
User experience is a big deal, but the problem is that most sites provide a related posts widget that shows mostly irrelevant content.And that’s about as far as they go – everything is top level and aimed at the average user.Wouldn’t it be great if we could shift to personalizing the user experience on our own website’s to ensure that our visitors find exactly what they need, when they need it.
Everyone enjoys the gratification and confidence they experience when people like, share, engage and endorse their content. Not only does it potentially draw more people to your own site or product, it can also increase the value of your personal brand – and that's especially important on a professional network like LinkedIn.Of all online networks, I'm most active on LinkedIn. A month ago, I was getting around 200 views in the last 90 days.
WordPress often is used to build websites that are meant to make money. Coaches use it to sell their coaching programs, bloggers use ads and affiliate marketing, and companies use their WordPress blogs to engage with their target market and customers.There's a massive variety of goals you can achieve with a WordPress site, yet they all have one thing in common: Achieving your goal depends on your visitors taking a certain action.
I see quite a lot of posts here about productivity and how marketing people can better manage their time. I really wanted to write on this topic, as I am one of those people who learned about the importance of productivity and time management the hard way.
Content fuels everything. Whether you’re creating a blog post, email, social post (paid or organic), search or display ad, landing page and so on, the message must be interesting enough to garner the attention of the intended audience.Lately, I’ve been in a weird mood about content. Ads are littered everywhere and, IMO, they are cluttering up the internet with BS. There’s so much noise jousting for my attention and I‘m just fed up with it.
 It's no secret that SEO is a marathon not a sprint, or as I threw out on #SEMrushchat whilst drinking mojitos on vacation (or holiday to us Brits):[Tweet "'SEO is like going to the gym. You have to work hard to build fitness and after a few months, people take notice.' -Danny Clutterbuck"]However, quite often CEOs and higher level executives expect this channel to move as fast as some performance marketing tactics do.
If you’re lucky enough to be involved in the world of search engine optimization, you will no doubt have a plethora of tools readily equipped in your digital arsenal; tools which you simply cannot live without (if you want to retain your job).There is heaps of information out there, tons of data and masses of analytics to decipher. If you don’t take action on this ‘big’ data (sorry, clichéd term) then you will be missing out on a chunky piece of the measurement pie.