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How do you currently come up with ideas for articles and content? Most content creators take one of two approaches: they either brainstorm a whole list of topics at one time and then take a couple of months to work through the list, or they write articles as they think of topics one-by-one. Let me suggest a more efficient method: topic clustering.
I’m a big fan of the guest blogging process. I’m fully aware there’s a huge amount of debate in the SEO industry as to whether you should or shouldn’t do it, and we all know Matt Cutts once said “if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”But with that said, I still see as much success with guest blogging today as I ever have done at any point throughout my time in the industry.
As a blog editor and writer, it's tempting for me to stick with the types of content that are safe and comfortable: namely blog posts. However, in digital marketing especially, readers are short on time. Podcasts and webinars can extend your reach beyond the written word and provide new avenues for engagement.
Two months ago, we launched our first podcast at SEMrush. Since then, we've scrapped together a production schedule and have been busy pitching guests. (Side note, if you're in the Philly area, stop by and chat!)A podcast is a recorded program available for download over the Internet. While listeners of podcasts range from casual to fervent, awareness has more than doubled since 2006. The murder-mystery podcast series "Serial" helped put podcasts on the mainstream map last fall.
 Podcasting is back. Big time!In the last few years, podcasting has experienced a resurgence; after a period when it was considered buried, people are loving it again.I think in large part this is due to the progress of the iPhone and users' ability to download their favorite podcasts directly to their devices. Before this development in iOS, we needed to sync our devices to iTunes and get latest episodes that way.But now we have all this great content available immediately.
 You’ve spent hours or maybe even days putting together a killer webinar that you’re confident is going to turn at least some webinar attendees into customers. The topic is in demand, information is irresistible – and your graphics? They’re visually engaging.You’re days away from launch and are both nervous and excited.
If you have used SEMrush, then you are familiar with what screen you see when searching a domain. But do you really know what it means?The best way to find any information on a domain would be to enter it into the search bar and then press “Search.” But once you do so, you will immediately be presented with all of the data we have on the particular domain. This may be overwhelming to you at first. This is a vast amount of information to take in all at once.
Summer is here and it's inspiring. It's time to drive with the windows down, fire up the barbecue and head to the beach (here in Philly, that's called 'going down the shore'). Naturally, this creates a desire to blog about summer and connect with audiences also celebrating the season.Let's look at some tips for strategizing your summer content.
You’ve probably been there and don't even know it yet.Your analytics are crowded by them. I know what you’re thinking:"Wow, that's great! Somebody is linking to my website and I'm getting a lot of referrals from there!"But the reality is not that good.You actually aren’t getting any traffic. There are no visitors coming to your website from referring website. And what’s worse, it’s messing up your Google Analytics reports.Why, you might ask, am I receiving this phantom traffic.
Are you looking to create a website that will look great across differing devices and or screen sizes? Have you thought about creating your site using responsive web design? Wondering what in the world responsive web design is?In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, creating a website takes more than just slapping your logo on a web page and hoping your audience will be impressed by your great use of white space.