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Curious about how to use an SEMrush tool, improve your PPC campaign, or use SEO to optimize your email marketing? Look no further! Our how-to category has tons of helpful content.

If you have an e-commerce website, you either already know how effective Google’s product listing ads are for attracting shoppers’ attention, or you — as a smart seller — are planning to start using them soon.But how do you advertise on Google Shopping? Here are some important steps to follow:1. Create a Google Merchant Center account2. Link it to your AdWords account3. Fill out and upload your product feed4. Set up a new PLA campaign5. Sub-divide your products into product groups6.
It’s not easy dominating online internet marketing. It’s a complex world with many players and many moving parts. Those who get ahead and stand out though, don’t wait and wonder what might happen. A simple audit of your website can make all the difference. But instead of breaking down every single page and scrutinizing it, why not go back to the basics of website design?What do users first see when they visit your website?It’s not meant as a trick question.
 Blogging as a means of driving business forward and developing brand marketing is unparalleled in the modern era. The power that a strong blog has with the proper SEO optimization can generate everything from massive traffic numbers, to conversions, to increased brand awareness and revenue for the company. The potential is there, but the right recipe is often hard to find.There are tweaks to be made, strategies to employ and effective writing styles to consider.
 Online marketers are like fighters. Every day they are striving for higher rankings and better online visibility. If you are a digital soldier, you’ll understand that knowing who your online rivals are and what they do is crucial for your SEO and PPC victories.By conducting competitive landscape analysis, you can identify exactly with whom you will compete for customers. Moreover, you can understand your competitors’ behavior on the web battlefield and predict their next steps.
I've been meaning to clean up some of the most popular pages on my blog, and getting the opportunity to write for SEMrush was the perfect excuse to really dig deep and see what I should do!Oftentimes we have “darling pages” that we really want to rank well. But generally, your most popular pages traffic-wise come out of left field, and your job is to make sure you capitalize on your good fortune.I write a lot on my blog and am often confused about what becomes popular and ranks highly.
Any experienced digital marketer will tell you keyword research is at the foundation of everything: Choosing keywords for organic SEO, using keywords for content titles, choosing keywords for PPC campaigns, using keywords for persona and psychographic research, and much more. The current landscape for paid tools is limited in the types of data they provide, and almost always rely on Google AdWords data.The SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Tool offers marketers an alternative.
Are you grinding at the résumé submission table? Writing cover letter after cover letter catered to the job you’re applying for, and getting absolutely nowhere?Getting an interview these days is hard, with hundreds of people applying for the same job. The reality is no employer will read every single résumé.Instead, employers dump them into a folder, where a program known as “résumé filtering system” searches the documents based on keywords. Sound familiar.
Pay per click marketing campaigns include not only landing pages, ad copy, offers and designs, but also CPC and bidding strategies. Before you assume PPC ads will bring you a fast ROI and monitor their effectiveness in your AdWords account, you should make sure they won't eat up your ad budget too quickly.In some industries, competition density for a keyword can be so high that its cost per click can reach $50 or more.
The way we search for information online is changing rapidly.In the early days of SEO, the majority of searches consisted of broken sentence fragments, like "free payday loans" or "best pizza New York." As a result, most websites were optimized to target specific keywords. This was how Google would decide which content was the most relevant to a specific search query.
Some online marketers have an odd relationship with keywords.Some spend too much time looking to rank for those “golden keywords” when instead, there are greater opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes we don’t give enough attention to why we want to rank for that keyword and what ranking for it would actually mean.I experienced past clients who wanted to rank for specific keywords because they thought this was the best term for them.