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All the latest news SEO industry news and views, including weekly round-ups, Google updates and more.

This week‘s Google News Digest features an unprecedented move by Google to allow site owners to determine their SERP snippet content. Other highlights include its introduction of its own YouTube search news series, updated Google Ads recommendations, and a new version of Google Shopping for U.S. users.
We are back, with another list of Google News items you need to see. Yesterday Google made three announcements SEOs, marketers, and businesses need to know about, including a broad core update. So check out all the news on SERP changes, Google Ads, and tool updates below, and be sure to comment and tell us what you think of each of them.
In this digest, you will learn about recent reports of Google Algorithm updates, the new nofollow attributes (and how the industry feels about them), learn about the Quality Rater Guidelines Update, see new features in Google Search Console, and so much more. See all the changes Google made in the last two weeks.
We have summarized different tests and changes the SEO community has found and documented, as well as the updates Google has announced over the last two weeks. There have been some major changes in Google Ads and some updates in Google tools all marketers should know about.
It has been a busy time for Google, with issues affecting search indexing and a number search and ad updates. Read on to see the latest news about Google, from its website indexing and Search Console to the latest in advertising and tools.
There were some notable changes in Google‘s SERP experiments over the past two weeks, foremost among them being its unannounced and to date, unexplained, “Maverick Update.“ Find out what has changed in the SERPs, Google Ads, and Google tools. Also, ever dreamed of your own YouTube Masthead ad? Now you can...find out how in the digest.
Our digest is here to help you keep track of all the new stuff that keeps happening at Google. Keep reading to learn about SERP tests and updates, changes in Google Ads, Google tool updates, more data in the GSC API, and a new video series that will be useful to all.
The last two weeks were relatively calm in the search department, but certain things are going away and many new features were rolled out in Google Ads and Google My Business. Also, the search giant has started several new sites that are supposed to make small business owners‘ and creative makers‘ lives easier.
Summer has arrived, and the amount of big industry-related news has dwindled. Still, there are quite a few interesting topics to cover. The June 19 Core Update has finished rolling out, and experts started to evaluate its impact. Google Ads got a couple of neat new features, and more experiments in local search results have been spotted by users.
Google announced a major core update for June 2019, changed how search results look on mobile devices, added online food ordering directly from Google Search, Maps, and the Assistant, and much more! Keep reading to see all the changes over the last past weeks.

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