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As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread worldwide, the majority of Google’s most recent updates in the past week have pertained to helping users better navigate the pandemic & find the information they need. This includes new event structured data options for postponed, canceled, or online-only events, as well as the introduction of a new format on the search results page for COVID-19 searches.
Learn three options you can use to modify your Google My Business hours during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has provided an option, but there are issues you should be aware of. There are also two other options to choose from. Find out what they are and the issues with reviews you should be aware of.
In the week that saw COVID-19 officially declared as a pandemic, Google responded with a global response to help people stay safe, informed, and connected. This news update will look at the wide range of updates by Google relating to COVID-19 and steps taken by our industry to help others.
SEMrush will now be bringing you weekly updates of the latest changes in Google Search, Google Ads, and Google Tools so you can keep up with the latest Google developments as they happen. This week we will cover the announcement for mobile-first indexing for all sites, the new feature in the Rich Results Test tool, newly formatted attribution reports, and more.
In this Google News Digest. we are going to break down the latest news for Google Search, Google Ads, and Google Tools that have taken place in the last two weeks. Key updates include the release of SEO guidelines for AMP stories, changes to the performance requirements for the Google Partner Program, and Google’s removal of 600 apps as part of its ongoing ad fraud initiative.
Google has kept marketers on their toes this year with big news like the January 2020 core update, the favicon and black ad label release on desktop, and the featured snippet update. This week, we don‘t have any verified algorithm news, but we have noticed some significant volatility in the SERPs this week via Sensor.
January has seen a lot of changes from Google, and everyone is just trying to keep up. SEMrush has tried to get insights from experts that could help, but at this point, everyone is still watching the fallout and studying data to determine if these changes will help or hurt them. Some are reporting improvements in traffic, and some are not — we all need time for evaluation.
Google is at it again — making announcements that are stressing people out. With so much concern out there, we thought we would ask a variety of experts what they thought about the Google 2020 core update announced in January and this latest announcement regarding featured snippets.
Yesterday Google announced they are removing double organic listings in search results for sites that rank on the first page and also capture the Featured Snippet.This blog post outlines exactly how to measure the impact of the change alongside exactly what you need to do to fix it if this is looking like a negative change for your site.
Welcome to the first Google News Digest of 2020. We are going to change things up this year and add some of the best and most helpful articles our industry shares, as well as news about Google. The information our industry provides is so important and helps businesses and agencies manage the constant changes Google makes, so we feel it makes sense to share their knowledge in this digest.
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