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All the latest news SEO industry news and views, including weekly round-ups, Google updates and more.

In the last few weeks, we have a lot of new features and tools launched by Google that will make our work lives more manageable. This seems to be a focus for Google; a few weeks ago at Google I/O 2018 we learned that some features, like Google Assistant and Duplex, will be performing tasks that will help millions every day. We are going to go into all the exciting developments...
Over the past few weeks, Google rolled out an impressive number of new services and apps to make our busy lives easier and more organized. From Google Tasks to Android Chats. Read on to learn about the new video ad format to reach a wider audience, see how you can Talk to Books with Google, and how to make sure you are using Gmail’s potential to its fullest.
There has been a lot of redesign in various Google products and services lately. It seems that over the past few weeks, the search giant has put a lot of emphasis on looks and functionality. Google has also released a new tool for running high-performing video ads. Between our podcast and this digest, you will be caught up on any Google headlines you might have missed.
The mobile-first index is here! You would expect that with this news, everything else would not seem important, but there were some other noteworthy developments, like Google’s new Shopping Program which appears to be Google’s response to the financial world valuing Amazon over the search giant. And, the end of our favorite goo.gl links.
A lot can happen in two weeks, and Google has been making a lot of changes. Find out about the new algorithm update, how the SERPs have been impacted by instant answers, what Google is doing for women-led companies, see what you should know about AI and machine learning, and review other important Google news and search engine updates.
With so much information coming out of the latest Pubcon in Texas and big announcements from Gary Illyes, we certainly have a lot to discuss – is Mobilegeddon just around the corner? And what about content? Apart from Pubcon, these last few weeks saw Google push its AMP agenda even further and, of course, Google’s big launch on Product Hunt with its Hangouts Chat, the biggest Slack rival for now.
Over the past few weeks, Google prepared a little something for each and every one of us. For those who are early HTTPS adopters, we heard the news about some big changes awaiting everyone in July 2018. For those who are still speculating on the future of AdWords, Google has a new feature within its advertising service. And there is so much more! Read on to see all the Google changes...
We have listed all the latest Google updates you need to know about. Read on to see changes Google has made with AMP, Google My Business, PageSpeed Insights Tool, the Google My Business Website Builder, AdWords and more! Also, check out our new Podcast called Search Marketing Scoop – a new podcast on Facebook Live regarding Google Updates.
Google continues to challenge us with an ever-evolving digital landscape that we all have to catch up with. And while we were away enjoying the holiday season, Google made some tweaks and released some new features. So, if you feel like you have been left behind and might have missed some updates, here is everything you need to know in Google News from the previous month.
Our Google News Digest reviews all the changes and updates made by Google in the past two weeks. So check out all the changes and ensure you are staying as informed as possible.

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