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Top Trending Google Searches 2021
Top Trending Google Searches 2021Want to know what the most searched Google keywords are? We compiled a list of the 100 top trending searches and most Googled questions. Data was taken from our database of 20 billion keywords in March 2021 and covers the US and Global search volume for Google search terms.
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How to Use Semrush for Keyword Research
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Evolve Keyword Research To Find Topics and Search Intent
Keyword Research Tools for Your SEO

5 Essential Keyword Research Tools for Your SEO

No startup can build an effective SEO strategy without a strong keyword research foundation. There are so many keyword research tools out there; it can be hard to know which ones deserve the investment of your time and money. Here are the five best keyword research tools I recommend for startups to begin a well-rounded keyword foundation for SEO.
Andrew RasoAug 19, 2016
Keyword Research in 2016

Keyword Research

11 min read

Keyword Research in 2016 #Semrushchat

How has keyword research changed? What should website owners and SEOs do to benefit from keywords in 2016? To find out, in our latest Semrush Chat, we discussed keyword research and its trends in 2016 with Per Pettersson, digital strategist, search marketing and analytics expert and consultant.
Elena TerentevaMay 16, 2016
Keyword Research with Semrush

Keyword Research with Semrush

If you’re still wondering what should be done in terms of SEO to increase traffic and sales, we suggest you start with keyword research. After all, keyword research and keyword optimization are among the most cost-effective things site owners can do to improve inbound site traffic via search engines.
Elena TerentevaOct 06, 2015
Keyword Research for SEO
Find Keywords

How To Find Keywords in Semrush

When it comes down to getting your business recognized, you have to establish your presence and put the necessary steps in motion to establish your credibility and future success. The way you establish yourself online is through your SEO strategy. In order to build a successful SEO strategy, you need to focus on one thing: Keywords.
Mike IsaacJul 07, 2015
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