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Local SEO

8 min read
27 Free (and Paid) Local Business DirectoriesFor local businesses of all kinds, maintaining an online presence is key. If your local business listings are mismanaged, and there is different information in different places, it won‘t be very easy for users to find you. Therefore, it’s important to claim your profiles on business directories to keep them up-to-date. In this guide, we‘ll show you some top business directory sites and tell you how Semrush can help.
Connor LaheyMay 26, 2021
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Understanding and Leveraging Barnacle SEO

Local SEO

4 min read

Understanding and Leveraging Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO is a strategy allowing a website to attach itself to a large website that ranks predominantly for its desired keywords to earn traffic, leads, and potentially, increases in rankings. Like your review building strategy, it’s a good idea to diversify your efforts. In this guide, I‘ll tell you what barnacle SEO is and how you can create a strategy that works for your business.
Blake DenmanNov 04, 2020
How to improve local SEO

Local SEO

10 min read

How To Improve Your Local SEO in 5 Steps

For a local business, it can be hard to compete with the big names online, but if you are strategic in your approach and have the right tools, you can easily grow the visibility of your brand and increase your sales. Here are the five steps that can help with Local SEO.
Nikolai BorodaOct 19, 2020
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What are SERP Features?

Local SEO

9 min read

What Are SERP Features?

Google is focused on providing quick answers to its users, and they are doing this with special features in the SERPs. Let‘s look at the most common SERP features (or rich results), and see what value they may have for your business.
Nikolai BorodaAug 10, 2020
Google My Business Tips from Greg Gifford

Local SEO

6 min read

Google My Business Tips from Greg Gifford

In the 5 Hours of SEO webinar, Greg Gifford broke down what businesses need to know today about Google My Business. See his tips for service-related businesses, GMB categories, UTM tracking, images, reviews, Google, posts, Q&A and more.
Jennifer SleggMar 20, 2020
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