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Expert's tips on how to optimize your site for local search and build a local SEO strategy using insights from brand SERPs
How an Agency Improved a Bakery's Local SEO to Increase Online Visibility
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Local SEO

8 min read
27 Free (and Paid) Local Business DirectoriesFor local businesses of all kinds, maintaining an online presence is key. If your local business listings are mismanaged, and there is different information in different places, it won‘t be very easy for users to find you. Therefore, it’s important to claim your profiles on business directories to keep them up-to-date. In this guide, we‘ll show you some top business directory sites and tell you how Semrush can help.
Connor LaheyMay 26, 2021
5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Apartment Property's Local Online Presence

Local SEO

7 min read

5 SEO Tips To Improve Your Apartment Property's Local Online Presence

Most apartment marketing professionals have a hyper-local focus to their business. They‘re trying to rent properties in a specific community, neighborhood or city. Trouble is, many have no idea where to start. In this article, find out how to strengthen your local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and put a full marketing strategy into place.
Erica ByrumApr 02, 2018
Local SEO Tips Your Competitors Are Neglecting

Local SEO

24 min read

Local SEO Tips Your Competitors Are Neglecting #Semrushchat

In last week’s #Semrushchat, we discussed all things local SEO with Geek Powered Studio’s director of SEO, Jesse McDonald, including strategies to improve your site’s local SEO and how to stay in the race on a limited budget. Check out what Jesse and our other chat participants had to say in this recap.
Maria KalyadinaMar 19, 2018
7 Killer Steps on How to Win at Local SEO

Local SEO

11 min read

Here Are 7 Killer Steps on How To Win at Local SEO

Are you ready to win at Local SEO? Here is a case study on a small business, that’s in a so-called “boring industry”, that captured hundreds’ of top keyword rankings, social media shares and backlinks from college websites — and is now generating 100‘s of high-quality leads on Google every single day, organically.
Paul PaquinMar 13, 2018
Strategies To Boost Your Local Search Rankings
Critical Local B2B SEO Success Factors
Local Search Engine Optimization: 3 Tips For Winning at Local Search
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