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Underground Tools to Take Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

Market Research

5 min read

3 Underground Tools to Take Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

Competition today is higher than it has ever been before. One of the common truths in conducting business these days is you are now facing threats across industries and verticals, rather than just geographic location. Finding crucial insights all boils down to the tools and systems you put in place. Here are three incredibly powerful tools you can use to keep an eye on the competition.
Pratik DholakiyaFeb 28, 2018
Mobile Surveys for Market Research

Market Research

3 min read

How To Use Mobile Surveys for Market Research

Because users spend more time on mobile than on desktop, it’s imperative to reach them in that medium. The current approach to mobile marketing is to assume it’s just another channel for existing advertisements. As a result, there is a deluge of ads, which is just not what people want — the addition of ad blockers in recent iOS and OSX systems renders them less effective.
Ray BeharryMay 04, 2016
Internet Users in India

Market Research

7 min read

Internet Users in India - A Fresh Audience for Brands and How to Reach Them

Technology has slowly but steadily taken over our lives – so much so that almost half of the households in India now have a smartphone. India is a country with a population of 1.267 billion with 375 million active monthly Internet users.The other day I was scrolling through the Facebook page of Kunal Shah, founder and CEO of FreeCharge, when I came across a few eye-opening statistics.
Jaydip ParikhFeb 25, 2016
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