The countdown for the implementation of the New European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has begun. You may not be fully aware of how this regulation will affect your work, but if you work in marketing and you manage lead generation campaigns, you should certainly take the new procedures and measures seriously. You will need to implement these procedures in all of your strategies - check them out.
Learn how to create an Amazon Storefront with Brand Registry 2.0. You can create a custom Brand Storefront with images, text, product links and even video to protect your brand and increase sales. Learn how to assign user rights, to design your storefront, add Source Tags and use Store Insights to track internal and external marketing campaign efforts.
That is why, during last week’s #SEMrushchat, we invited special guest, Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey as well as user, builder, and implementer of chatbots for numerous businesses every day, to share how businesses can best use Chatbots to improve their marketing strategy. Here’s what Larry and our other chat participants had to say:
Today, every small and large e-Commerce brand has brand ambassadors in one form or another. How can you go further and address the people who are not in your direct focus now? You will find new options and strategies in this article that will help you reach more demographics, discover more marketing opportunities, and more.
You have probably heard of event-based marketing. If not, you might be interested to know that quite a few of the traditional celebrations like Father’s Day and possibly Valentine’s Day, as we know them, were once marketing campaigns. In the past and present, and well into the future, event marketing remains an effective way of grabbing the attention of big groups.

Best marketing techniques and insights

Sales prospecting is a rapidly changing medium but thankfully, it is not all for the worst. While keeping up with all the latest tactics and the changes in consumer behavior can be a struggle, we also now have access to so many tools that can help us generate more prospects and make more sales. Read on to find out useful tips, tricks, and tools for better sales prospecting strategies.
Your store‘s data can tell you a lot about your customer and the health of your e-commerce store. Until you do data analysis, you won‘t know if your e-commerce store is actually profitable. It can also educate you on the types of products your customers like best. Find out how you can make more educated decisions for your store in this article.
The quest to draw attention and garner the trust of subscribers motivated email marketers to come up with innovative methods along with the implementation of new technologies which lead to trends that rose plain-text emails to the level of being called ‘Mailable Microsites’. Find out what you can do to provide the best emails possible.
We‘ve created a comprehensive calendar of digital marketing events and conferences across the globe in 2018, covering all areas from technical SEO to e-commerce, to make it easier for you to find out about events that fit your needs the most.
There are multiple reasons why omnichannel retailing is the future of e-commerce. Not only is it based on the idea that customers should be able to access brands no matter where they are, but that the experience must be pleasurable and enjoyable. Find out what you can do to improve the omnichannel experience for your customers in this article.