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Across our marketing articles you'll find a range of guides, strategy tips and analysis from some of the biggest names in SEO to build your knowledge and create winning campaigns.

Optimizing a website for search traffic is not a simple task. It usually takes a long time to see results from search engine optimization campaigns. Also, Google’s algorithm is very unpredictable. As a result, sometimes SEO involves a lot of guesswork.The more information you possess, the better results you’ll see from your SEO strategies. By using data science, you can get valuable insights into your website’s performance and answers to some of your SEO questions.
Audience platforms are expanding in ways that have allowed them to surf beyond their environments and into the broader web. The Atlas of the Social Media scene, Facebook, has turned the practice of connecting with the right audience on its head. Initially, Facebook’s advertising capabilities limited marketers to just display advertising that was served based on Facebook profile data.
Affiliate Marketing is expected to be a $6.8 billion industry by the year 2020, according to reports. This lucrative type of marketing connects customers through a bridge of bloggers and website owners who either by influence or sheer educational tactics convince a visitor to either purchase a product from a third party vendor, fill out a lead form, or take another type of action such as make a phone call requesting more information.
Google rolling out the real-time SEO update is only a matter of time now. Back in 2015, when the rumor first hit the industry, many SEOs squinched their eyebrows. Some of them have been strategizing ever since the announcement. So what next?
Today, our dear blog readers, I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Heather Lloyd-Martin: CEO of seocopywriting.com, a “pioneer of SEO copywriting” (as described by Forbes), an international speaker, book author, SEO Copywriting Certification developer, one of the top women in SEO of our time and overall a lovely person who enjoys helping her clients (among whom are a number of Fortune 500 companies) boost their search positions and improve conversions.

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You no longer need a Google+ account to Google Review a local business. How does this change your marketing strategy? What can you do to harness this recent change to rank higher in SERPs? David Sawyer provides a formula to get more users to your page and business thanks to Google Review.
To provide the most precise answers to a user’s query in the shortest amount of time, Google constantly develops and updates its algorithms. And its first page inevitably undergoes changes. “Blue links” SERPs are becoming a thing of the past, as the results pages becoming enriched with new elements and ways to present information. To stay competitive, a website owner should carefully track all these changes, analyze them, and adapt their online strategies to Google’s modifications.
In this month’s issue of our Affiliate Spotlight series, we are very happy to share with you an interview with Adam Connell, a successful entrepreneur, marketing director at UK Linkology and the founder of Blogging Wizard.
Because users spend more time on mobile than on desktop, it’s imperative to reach them in that medium. The current approach to mobile marketing is to assume it’s just another channel for existing advertisements. As a result, there is a deluge of ads, which is just not what people want – the addition of ad blockers in recent iOS and OSX systems renders them less effective. Instead, consumers want personalized content that solves a problem or makes them laugh.
Detailed and highly customized proposals have been a big factor in my agency‘s success since I was a one-man operation back in 2001. A well thought out, custom proposal can bring in high-value clients you actually want to work with.The problem is, a great proposal can require serious time and effort to compile. Back in the day when I was doing these by myself (in addition to many other things) a good proposal would easily take 6-12 solid hours.

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