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Across our marketing articles you'll find a range of guides, strategy tips and analysis from some of the biggest names in SEO to build your knowledge and create winning campaigns.

Hey, agency representatives: what is the biggest mistake you can make when pitching clients? Hands down, the biggest trap people fall into is not doing enough research. It’s tempting to think research starts after you’ve won a contract and that the sales process can focus solely on your offering. Your competition likely believes that. After all, it’s how it’s been done for many years. However, it’s only the best route to take if your goal is to blend with the crowd.
Eli Wallach once said: “The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends”. Building a blog from scratch is an arduous task.  Most people believe that it can easily be done through hard work and dedication. While this is true, there is another important component you should consider – influencers. By connecting to highly respected individuals, you are able to tap into their vast audience, to get valuable insights regarding the industry and ultimately, to get some awesome links.
The last time you launched a website, the performance didn’t turn out quite like you expected, did it? You expected it to be an upgrade. Conversion rates would be higher. There would be an immediate lift in sales. It’s so disappointing because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into designing and developing it; including you. You fought through all the discussions (probably arguments!) about color schemes, layout, navigation, content, calls to action, and on and on.
With hundreds of new business websites being created every minute, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in competitive industries. It’s no longer enough to simply convey valuable information. You need to share this information in provoking ways that are visually appealing to your target market.The Power of VisualsAs a web designer or marketer, you have a number of different tools available to you when it coms to designing pages.
For years, we’ve primarily discussed SEO as it relates to the written word. Most SEO focuses on typed keywords, and every marketer in the world wants to make sure their site is the first one to pop up when a given keyword is entered. But the new face of SEO might showcase something completely different – something that doesn’t involve typing at all.Recent years have given rise to virtual assistants that reside in our everyday devices.

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In our world of advanced technologies, new methods of information distribution are appearing one after another. Today, the number of podcasters is continually rising, which means that the level of competition between them is becoming increasingly intense. There is no need to say how difficult and time-consuming it is to put together a successful podcast that your audience will be attracted to. So, we decided to discuss techniques and strategies that can help you run a great podcast.
If you want to get more out of your WordPress site, then you know how important it is to have the right set of plugins. Recently, there has been a new surge of plugins designed to help your site perform better on keyword searches.These SEO-friendly plugins will bring in a lot more traffic and that is always a positive. In this post, we will run down five of the best new WordPress plugins that either directly or indirectly improve SEO outcomes.
Infographics have become commonplace in magazines and our favorite websites. They help us easily navigate through seas of information. Not all infographics are created equally though, and a poorly designed piece can do more harm than good.Are you overwhelmed with data and need a way to make it easy to communicate your impact to stakeholders? These seven tips can supercharge the impact of your infographics.
In the early to mid-2000s, entertainment apps like Angry Birds overran app stores. But during the past couple of years, business apps have grown far faster than other types of apps. Between 2014 and 2015, developers built more than 128,000 business apps — a 210 percent increase from the previous year.Now that enterprise companies have latched on to the app world, the question is no longer, “Is there an app for that.
Today’s marketers have a lot more tech-related buying power than they did in the past. In fact, by 2017, it’s predicted that CMOs will spend more annually on IT than CIOs.Companies are now putting customer experience at their core, realigning people and departments around the customer journey. As a result, marketers are working harder than ever to engage consumers, and these strategies tend to require an investment in software and technology.

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